Monday, 28 December 2009

Minnie Mouse has come to stay

So, I finally got around to making myself look half decent for some guests and for any readers on here.... today I was working my Minnie Mouse look. It's based on my little Minnie Mouse necklace that I got at the Clothes Show at the Birmingham NEC a couple of weeks ago, and I have had much fun since co-ordinating my outfits to match, because I'm a little sad and have too much time on my hands. I would normally also be wearing a pink bow belt, but I'm a bit stupid and accidentally left it in my flat at uni. Also, the hair bow was somewhat improvised from some netting since I had also left my pink scarves there as well (I know, I am somewhat of an idiot). There should also be a pink Minnie bow ring which I got with my Mickey one, but unfortunately that appears to have gone walkabouts. Oh well, I'm sure I shall wear it at some point, since I love it. However, this whole leaving the scarf thing went rather well, because I discovered that netting is amazing for using for hair bows! I've got really annoying hair which is far too shiny (I know that sounds terribly arrogant, but it's true, and trust me, a lot of the time it's very annoying), and normally even when I pin scarves in my hair they still fall out. The netting however stays in wonderfully, and is also really good and mouldable, so you can make good bows that don't go weird and floppy. Anyway, enough for the delights of netting in hair, but I tell you people, try it some time! It works a treat! Apologies for my red eye and my slightly weird expression, I am not a terribly photogenic person and forgot that if I took the photo late at night I would get red eye. Oh dear, you can tell I'm new to this malarkey. Starting a blog where I take pictures of my outfits really wasn't the best idea when it's near damn impossible to get good photos of me anyway. I either get a double chin, or my chubby cheeks come out to play if I'm smiling, or, as in this photo where I'm attempting to avoid the first two, I end up looking a bit like a startled mongoose. Oh dear. I shall go and practice faces in the mirror so you shall have something a little more resembling a human to look at.

P.S. I also forgot, I have some blue lace up patent shoe boots from Bertie that I'm going to wear this with at some point so it matches pretty perfectly; however I haven't got them with me because they're terribly uncomfortable. But I promise you shall see them at some point.


  1. i love your floral skirt :)follow my twitter please . . thank you sweet .

  2. so nice and cool .follow my twitter please . . thank you sweet .

  3. Ahh, the Minnie necklace is so cute!

  4. I love the outfit!
    so fun and sweet!


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