Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mince Pies and Mickey Mouse

That has basically been what my last couple of days have consisted of- doing hoovering, cleaning the bathroom and helping out with food preparation for Christmas, including making these beautiful mince pies. I almost don't want to eat them because they're so pretty, but, because I am a person who is very much driven by my stomach and tingly taste buds, I'm all too sure that I will.So, because I have been slopping around the house cleaning and the such like, and because it's absolutely bloody freezing, there is nothing terribly exciting to parade around style-wise. I am often a person who goes by the mantra of 'Even if you're feeling a bit ill and manky, looking good will make you feel better', but as I can't get my contact lenses in I don't feel terribly fabulous. Outfit consists of my faithful Mickey Mouse jumper which is actually a men's one from Next, and a denim skirt, accessorised with pink slippers. As I said, I'm breaking style boundaries on an almost Gaga-level here. However, I am wearing my Mickey Mouse ring, which I felt I should show you because it is awesome, and co-ordinating my jumper and ring makes me feel a lot better. Hopefully shall get some nice nuggets tomorrow that might be worth displaying. Anyhoos, I know probably no-one's actually reading this, but if you are, hope you have a good Christmas, and get to eat lots of yummy food. Off to get my kitten out of the Christmas tree (again).


  1. those look so delicioussss
    and love the lady gaga comment; gorgeous blog!
    merry christmas!


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