Sunday, 27 December 2009

Nuggets of beautiful blue leather

Well, I've been intending to take a picture of myself for a couple of days, but because I've been in the house and am full of cold somewhat and therefore cannot get my contacts in, I'm not exactly looking my best. Hopefully I shall be able to fix this tomorrow when we have friends round, so I'll have to look half decent. But I wanted to show my Christmas goodies, and rave about the jacket I got from my wonderful mother. I had seen it in a Monsoon advertising leaflet, but didn't expect to actually buy it; I thought it would be too expensive. But my wonderful mother got it for me after I had mentioned it and I am now the owner of this beautiful BEAUTIFUL item of clothing-

I haven't actually quite figured out what to wear it with yet, because I feel that it's actually too cool for me to wear, but dammit it's so beautiful I am determined to find a way. I feel my newly dyed blue-black hair will also help. Expect to see it being worn a lot when I get back to uni and my full wardrobe. Sorry the picture's a bit rubbish, I worry slightly that my camera is not good enough for this. I also got a waistcoat style dress and checked wool skirt that shall serve my uniform look very well-

I also got a book on crazy patchwork quilts and a selection of fabric patches with which I think I shall make a quilt for my sister, because it would look so damn pretty in her room.

I'm debating what to buy with my Christmas money as well, I think I am going to get myself a basic sewing machine to have with me at uni, because it's a damn nuisance not having access to one. Although despite this sensible plan, I also have a desperate desire to buy some cowboy boots that I found on the Schuh website; since seeing Coraline I've really wanted a pair of purple or electric blue cowboy boots. I realise these are neither, but that's not the point- they're brightly coloured and amazing. Although I also quite want a new pair of brogues to replace a pair I have worn the heel off of- I think these Topshop ones are the best contenders. So, a question to end this post- what to buy- cowboy boots, brogues or a sewing machine???? Also, apoligies for this being so long once again, I think my posts will never be short snippets. Alas.

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