Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Well, this is the first post of my blog.....
basically, thought I should explain the title- it was once commented by a friend that 'Her brain is actually a discoball', mainly because of my love of a) dancing around like a mad thing to pretty much any music that reaches my ears and b) I'm guessing because of my general love of sparkled/brightly-patterned/quirky things. Sure, I'm not going through a Studio 54 phase, but I felt the title was appropriate to describe my style to some extent in it's love of sequins, but also to demonstrate that my brain is a little chaotic and scatty. So follows that these posts will probably be chaotic and scatty, to follow my thought patterns. Anyhoo, I thought perhaps I should write a list of 5 things that I admire/aspire to style-wise-
1. Chanel. Every single thing that comes down their catwalk is so insanely beautiful and yet so very simple. The constant use of stripes, tweed, sailor influences, monochrome with flashes of red or blue, pearls and chains continues to excite me every time I see a new shot of a model strutting her stuff.
2. Uniform type things. I have a deep-seated attraction to anything that could have been likely worn by an Edwardian schoolgirl (or boy, actually)- maryjane shoes, satchels, pinafores, duffel coats, peter pan collar shirts, blazers, cardigans, berets or those knitted hats with little pompoms on.... I think this problem probably developed from watching The Railway Children too many times as a kid. But hey, who cares, I LOVE IT.
3. Cartoon characters such as Betty Boop or Minnie Mouse... to be fair, I don't often attempt to dress like Betty as I feel I would look a little inappropriate for everyday wear, out and about in my little village or Welsh town; however, I often try and dress myself up like Minnie Mouse, because she's just too awesome. I am wearing my Minnie Mouse bow ring as I type right now.
4. Luella- pretty much any collection she has ever created (ok, I say ever, there's only been about 8). Firstly because she did a collection based on Enid from Ghost World which almost made me cry when I saw it, but also because she continues to do amazing stuff, involving satchels and prom dresses and stripey tights and bows and many other things that make me smile.
5. Will try and keep this last one short.... anything or anyone a little quirky such as Vivienne Westwood, Katie from What Katie Wore, the New Romantics, Sally Bowles from Cabaret, Kate Bush... can't think of much else right now and think I should now probably stop typing.
Hopefully, someone will actually have reached this point, after me rambling on for a while. Oh dear oh dear. Right, stop typing now.....

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  1. I read til the end!! Teehee.

    I love Hattie and her blogs but fear its creation could be to the detriment of her studies?! Zut alors.

    Uh but yes. Loving the love :) xxx


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