Monday, 28 December 2009

Minnie Mouse has come to stay

So, I finally got around to making myself look half decent for some guests and for any readers on here.... today I was working my Minnie Mouse look. It's based on my little Minnie Mouse necklace that I got at the Clothes Show at the Birmingham NEC a couple of weeks ago, and I have had much fun since co-ordinating my outfits to match, because I'm a little sad and have too much time on my hands. I would normally also be wearing a pink bow belt, but I'm a bit stupid and accidentally left it in my flat at uni. Also, the hair bow was somewhat improvised from some netting since I had also left my pink scarves there as well (I know, I am somewhat of an idiot). There should also be a pink Minnie bow ring which I got with my Mickey one, but unfortunately that appears to have gone walkabouts. Oh well, I'm sure I shall wear it at some point, since I love it. However, this whole leaving the scarf thing went rather well, because I discovered that netting is amazing for using for hair bows! I've got really annoying hair which is far too shiny (I know that sounds terribly arrogant, but it's true, and trust me, a lot of the time it's very annoying), and normally even when I pin scarves in my hair they still fall out. The netting however stays in wonderfully, and is also really good and mouldable, so you can make good bows that don't go weird and floppy. Anyway, enough for the delights of netting in hair, but I tell you people, try it some time! It works a treat! Apologies for my red eye and my slightly weird expression, I am not a terribly photogenic person and forgot that if I took the photo late at night I would get red eye. Oh dear, you can tell I'm new to this malarkey. Starting a blog where I take pictures of my outfits really wasn't the best idea when it's near damn impossible to get good photos of me anyway. I either get a double chin, or my chubby cheeks come out to play if I'm smiling, or, as in this photo where I'm attempting to avoid the first two, I end up looking a bit like a startled mongoose. Oh dear. I shall go and practice faces in the mirror so you shall have something a little more resembling a human to look at.

P.S. I also forgot, I have some blue lace up patent shoe boots from Bertie that I'm going to wear this with at some point so it matches pretty perfectly; however I haven't got them with me because they're terribly uncomfortable. But I promise you shall see them at some point.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Nuggets of beautiful blue leather

Well, I've been intending to take a picture of myself for a couple of days, but because I've been in the house and am full of cold somewhat and therefore cannot get my contacts in, I'm not exactly looking my best. Hopefully I shall be able to fix this tomorrow when we have friends round, so I'll have to look half decent. But I wanted to show my Christmas goodies, and rave about the jacket I got from my wonderful mother. I had seen it in a Monsoon advertising leaflet, but didn't expect to actually buy it; I thought it would be too expensive. But my wonderful mother got it for me after I had mentioned it and I am now the owner of this beautiful BEAUTIFUL item of clothing-

I haven't actually quite figured out what to wear it with yet, because I feel that it's actually too cool for me to wear, but dammit it's so beautiful I am determined to find a way. I feel my newly dyed blue-black hair will also help. Expect to see it being worn a lot when I get back to uni and my full wardrobe. Sorry the picture's a bit rubbish, I worry slightly that my camera is not good enough for this. I also got a waistcoat style dress and checked wool skirt that shall serve my uniform look very well-

I also got a book on crazy patchwork quilts and a selection of fabric patches with which I think I shall make a quilt for my sister, because it would look so damn pretty in her room.

I'm debating what to buy with my Christmas money as well, I think I am going to get myself a basic sewing machine to have with me at uni, because it's a damn nuisance not having access to one. Although despite this sensible plan, I also have a desperate desire to buy some cowboy boots that I found on the Schuh website; since seeing Coraline I've really wanted a pair of purple or electric blue cowboy boots. I realise these are neither, but that's not the point- they're brightly coloured and amazing. Although I also quite want a new pair of brogues to replace a pair I have worn the heel off of- I think these Topshop ones are the best contenders. So, a question to end this post- what to buy- cowboy boots, brogues or a sewing machine???? Also, apoligies for this being so long once again, I think my posts will never be short snippets. Alas.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mince Pies and Mickey Mouse

That has basically been what my last couple of days have consisted of- doing hoovering, cleaning the bathroom and helping out with food preparation for Christmas, including making these beautiful mince pies. I almost don't want to eat them because they're so pretty, but, because I am a person who is very much driven by my stomach and tingly taste buds, I'm all too sure that I will.So, because I have been slopping around the house cleaning and the such like, and because it's absolutely bloody freezing, there is nothing terribly exciting to parade around style-wise. I am often a person who goes by the mantra of 'Even if you're feeling a bit ill and manky, looking good will make you feel better', but as I can't get my contact lenses in I don't feel terribly fabulous. Outfit consists of my faithful Mickey Mouse jumper which is actually a men's one from Next, and a denim skirt, accessorised with pink slippers. As I said, I'm breaking style boundaries on an almost Gaga-level here. However, I am wearing my Mickey Mouse ring, which I felt I should show you because it is awesome, and co-ordinating my jumper and ring makes me feel a lot better. Hopefully shall get some nice nuggets tomorrow that might be worth displaying. Anyhoos, I know probably no-one's actually reading this, but if you are, hope you have a good Christmas, and get to eat lots of yummy food. Off to get my kitten out of the Christmas tree (again).

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Well, this is the first post of my blog.....
basically, thought I should explain the title- it was once commented by a friend that 'Her brain is actually a discoball', mainly because of my love of a) dancing around like a mad thing to pretty much any music that reaches my ears and b) I'm guessing because of my general love of sparkled/brightly-patterned/quirky things. Sure, I'm not going through a Studio 54 phase, but I felt the title was appropriate to describe my style to some extent in it's love of sequins, but also to demonstrate that my brain is a little chaotic and scatty. So follows that these posts will probably be chaotic and scatty, to follow my thought patterns. Anyhoo, I thought perhaps I should write a list of 5 things that I admire/aspire to style-wise-
1. Chanel. Every single thing that comes down their catwalk is so insanely beautiful and yet so very simple. The constant use of stripes, tweed, sailor influences, monochrome with flashes of red or blue, pearls and chains continues to excite me every time I see a new shot of a model strutting her stuff.
2. Uniform type things. I have a deep-seated attraction to anything that could have been likely worn by an Edwardian schoolgirl (or boy, actually)- maryjane shoes, satchels, pinafores, duffel coats, peter pan collar shirts, blazers, cardigans, berets or those knitted hats with little pompoms on.... I think this problem probably developed from watching The Railway Children too many times as a kid. But hey, who cares, I LOVE IT.
3. Cartoon characters such as Betty Boop or Minnie Mouse... to be fair, I don't often attempt to dress like Betty as I feel I would look a little inappropriate for everyday wear, out and about in my little village or Welsh town; however, I often try and dress myself up like Minnie Mouse, because she's just too awesome. I am wearing my Minnie Mouse bow ring as I type right now.
4. Luella- pretty much any collection she has ever created (ok, I say ever, there's only been about 8). Firstly because she did a collection based on Enid from Ghost World which almost made me cry when I saw it, but also because she continues to do amazing stuff, involving satchels and prom dresses and stripey tights and bows and many other things that make me smile.
5. Will try and keep this last one short.... anything or anyone a little quirky such as Vivienne Westwood, Katie from What Katie Wore, the New Romantics, Sally Bowles from Cabaret, Kate Bush... can't think of much else right now and think I should now probably stop typing.
Hopefully, someone will actually have reached this point, after me rambling on for a while. Oh dear oh dear. Right, stop typing now.....