Monday, 11 January 2010


Oh my goodness, I'm so excited, I'm going to be on What Katie Wore!!! I know I wrote about sending my photo yesterday, but I wasn't necessarily expecting to be actually put up on the site. But I got an email from Joe earlier saying I'll be up later in the week!!!!!!! Childish glee and excitement! I feel like dancing around my room like a mad woman. I also feel a bit like this-


  1. I feel like that sometimes when im ultra ultra happy.
    Thankyou for the comment on my blog, sound of music is such a wicked film i agree and oldness really does get depressing -im glad im not the only one that thinks that :)
    would love to speak to you sooon!


  2. Hi fellow WKW-er! Haha!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! You are spot on with the temper trap reference (though my bandmate will claim it's after the Blink 182 song i'm sure- which it's not!)
    I'd never thought of the Team Edward/ people watching me sleep thing! That made me giggle- I'll have to make an exception for him :D

    And I also have a back to the future tee shirt that i LOVE!

    Take care sweetie xxx

  3. Ooh, congrats on your feature! Her blog is super cute but it kind of confuses me since its not her who writes it. I like to hear peoples own takes on their outfits!


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