Friday, 22 January 2010

Babooshka babooshka babooshka ya ya.....

So, here is a picture of my new dress. I apoligise for my somewhat red face and flicky hair, I forgot to take the picture before I started dancing and so got myself into somewhat of a dancing-induced hot flush. Thanks to Kathy for taking the photo.

I've got a bit of a weird face going on but oh well. You can see the outfit pretty well. It consists of a Yumi dress, Monsoon cardigan, M&S tights, and Bertie shoes.


  1. Ohmygod i love your dress! I wish i had got some sleep! But no such luck, and once again it's the small hours of the morning. Oops!


  2. thanks for your lovely comments, sweetie ! I love your dress !!! cheerio, frollein von sofa

  3. you're so colourful! I went through a Russian Doll phase, they are charming...that dress is too adorable

  4. Ooh what a fabulous dress! I adore all the colours in your outfit- especially those gorgeous lace up shoe boots!

    Florrie x


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