Thursday, 7 January 2010


Ok, so this is somewhat of a random post, since at the moment I have absolutely nothing to report on regarding moi style-wise. I've been staying in the house and once again wearing that attractive Mickey Mouse jumper and my jeans (shock horror! I hardly EVER wear my jeans, unless I'm having a hormonal moment or I'm going on a walk or something) to attempt to keep out the insane chill. However, I was just browsing the Grazia website so I at least felt a little bit up to date in the world of fashion, even if I have so far been unable to buy this week's copy because I haven't left the house since Tuesday, and my eye was drawn like a magpie to this beautiful picture, full of Peter Jensen goodness. I felt the need to share this with someone because I want that jacket very badly, and because nobody else would really understand, or at least nobody I have access to stranded in the middle of a devonian village. So just feast your eyes upon this bad boy....

Seriously, how insanely amazing is that jacket, with the people print which looks a bit like little matryoshka dolls, and the beautiful trim along the pockets, and actually, pretty much all the stuff in the photo? I wouldn't kick that checked dress and flowery duster coat thing out of bed either if given the chance. Or that scarf or the fish bone earring. Not so much with the boots though, but that may be more to do with the fact that they're being worn without tights which is one of my pet hates in life, let alone in fashion. I mean, I just don't understand it, WHY WEAR BOOTS TO KEEP YOUR FEET WARM AND NOT WEAR TIGHTS???!!! And also, pretty much every person, save ridiculously skinny famous people, end up looking like they have tree trunks for legs. Every single time I watch Friends and Rachel does it it makes me angry. That's a point, does anybody else agree with me that actually Rachel's dress sense is appalling???! It makes me sad that she's meant to be the fashionable person when pretty much everything she wears gives me a massive winky eye (definition since you people who don't know me won't understand what a winky is- it's basically when something really irritates you and you get an uncontrollable twitching in your eye. You may not have done it yourself personally, or may not have realised it, but next time someone you know is getting angry or irritated, watch their eyes, you may just have a treat in store. Me and my sister also use it as a handy signal when something is annoying us but we can't say aloud, so we just look at each other and wink a couple of times. Try it, it will revolutionise your silent communication with people. However, don't do it too much with contact lenses in, something that I just learnt as I sat here at my desk.) Just on another random note, the only vaguely fashion-y thing I've discovered or rediscovered in the past couple of days is electric blue eyeliner. I used to wear it a lot as a 14/15 year old, and found some in my drawer the other day. I'd forgotten how pretty it makes my green eyes look. Am also still continuing to LOVE the crimpers- I think I may finally have found something that makes my hair look a little messy and shaggy, which has been one of my main aims in life so far, vain thing that I am. SSSOOO, for a post that started off as a short one to just point out the beauty of that Peter Jensen jacket, this has turned out to be a somewhat epic rant again. Ah well, at least I'm doing it on here and not to the imaginary voices in my head (that's a joke by the way).

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