Thursday, 28 January 2010

I'm singin' in the rain....

M&S dress, H&M waistcoat, M&S scarf, M&S tights, Office shoes

So, my new Office shoes finally arrived in the post yesterday morning. The postman apparently said when handing them to my housemate, "That's the second pair of shoes she's had in a week!" in a very strong Welsh accent. He obviously wasn't aware of the sale going on at Office. I also got these purple rosey tights from my mum in the post which you can just see at the bottom of the picture, and wanted to wear both the new tights and shoes today, without doing my very co-ordinated kinda look, so instead went for something more casual. Sorry the photo's not great, my boyfriend is visiting home so I took this balancing the camera on the telly!! I love the new shoes; although not the brogues I was originally hoping to get, I feel they're pretty close and I love the metallic colour. I also like that they're a bit more like jazz shoes; it partly fulfills my fantasy of starring in 'Singin' In the Rain'. I've also started tying my hair up because it's finally long enough, and am liking it in a kind of scruffy French way. I've also started doing flicky eyeliner which is something I've been meaning to do for a while, and after Mademoiselle Robot suggested one from Superdrug which I have in my little university town, I promptly went and bought some. It's quite good and not at all difficult to apply. I used to wear turquoise liquid eyeliner a lot when I was about 14 or 15, and obviously the practice paid off. I feel quite wonderfully French with the eyeliner and hair, I think I may be doing this for quite a while. Well, until my ears get cold. Right, that's more than enough rambling for now, off to bed methinks.

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  1. don't be sad about the westwood shoes...they are extremely uncomfortable ! I haven't worn them yet and I don't thin I will in the future. I see them as an object of art - wonderful to look at !

    have a good day, cheerio, frollein


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