Saturday, 16 January 2010


I am starting to worry a little bit now that in fact I WON'T be up on WKW, because it's now Saturday and Joe wrote at the top of the last post that he won't be able to put up the pictures that are too small, and I know I had to compress mine a fair bit so that the email would send. If I'm not up I think I may cry. Also, my exams start in 2 days, and so far my revision has still refused to get going into any sort of concerted effort. OH DEAR. So, panic on both fronts. I was actually wearing an awesome outfit yesterday, but I forgot to get my boyfriend to take a picture. I did however buy a very nice dress which I shall definitely post a picture of as soon as I wear it, which will probably be Wednesday, when my exams are over. I'm going to stop typing now and go and do lots of big mindmaps about Persuasion and Sherlock Holmes. Shall hopefully have a picture for you in a couple of days.

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