Monday, 4 January 2010

Crimp away....

Sorry for the delay of this post, I have been attempting to chivy myself for the last week or so into getting some revision done for my upcoming exams- unfortunately, this hasn't really been happening and I've been doing nice but rather useless things like far too much shopping. SO, I had the most epic of fails when out the other day when it came to purchasing myself another pair of brogues or cowboy boots. I tried on the PERFECT Topshop brogues- not too chunky but just the right amount of masculine, cool studs along the front section, just battered enough to look awesome- apart from that they were not perfect in one rather important way- the fit. For some really weird reason, they were really baggy at the backs around my ankles, which doesn't seem to be a problem normally. Strange Topshop shoes. Anyhoos, the cowboy boots I was planning on getting also sold out in my size. Bugger it. So, decided to buy myself some crimpers as consolation- I've been wanting to buy a pair since I saw Shaz rocking this awesome hairdo in Ashes to Ashes-

Ok, so can I actually find a picture of her with her amazing crimped hairdo? No no, I cannot. However, after trailing through the galleries, I thought I should share these other Shaz gems with you-

(photos courtesy of the BBC Ashes to Ashes website)

I look at this pictures and wish so desperately that I lived in the 80s. Stripes, berets, spots, great big dresses, bright colours, crazy hair, pearls, pixie boots, the New Romantics.... *sighs* So, apologies for not actually showing you the bloody hair, but I shall show you what crimpers have done to mine. I have the neatest hair ever (my friends at secondary school christened it 'Legolas' hair because whatever I seemed to do it still stayed neat) apart from a terrible tendency to flick everywhere. It's pretty damn straight, and at it's current length completely unable to curl because else it just turns into the flicky hairstyle from hell. So, I bought crimpers in an attempt to add a bit of oomph and texture. I haven't quite got the hang of using them yet, but so far I am quite liking the results.... verdicts please??

Apologies for looking like a 13 year old emo posting pictures on their MySpace account, but as I've said before, I am very unphotogenic when smiling. You can imagine those chubby cheeks do not look good when pushed up my face like some bad-ass cleavage in a push up bra. Also sorry that it's a bad webcam photo, I would be completely unable to take a photo of myself with a bloody camera, it's been hard enough with a webcam. Anyhoos, I must go do reading on The Cold War, joy of joys.

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  1. Ow I too wish I could have lived in the 80s, especially when I watched Ashes to Ashes, Shaz's style is really great. Glad I'm not the only one! xx


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