Friday, 29 January 2010

To sock or not to sock?

Right. There is something I have been meaning to attempt to wear for AGES, and I realised that I potentially had a huge source of help available in the form of you lovely readers, so I would give it my best shot. And that thing is.... socks over my tights. In an Alexa Chung-ian, Isabel from Hipster Musings-ian and general geek chic-ness kind of a way. However, there is one big difference between me and these ladies, and most ladies who I see working them successfully- they have legs that go up to their elbows. I however, am 5"3 with a leg length to match. My legs are fairly good but are shapely (i.e. a little on the chunky side) rather than willowy, and so I have been cautious of covering up my skinniest bit of leg with ankle socks. However, after seeing it just absolutely everywhere, and being overcome with a 'Why can't I make that look good?' jealousy, I decided to do away with my cankle fears and just do it. So, I tried today layering black ankle socks over my lace tights. However, I didn't really know whether to pull them up, or scrunch them down, or fold them down.... you also couldn't really see the black against the black of the tights. Overall, it was a bit of a big fat failure. I'm going to go to town tomorrow and attempt to get some ones which would be more suitable. And perhaps some knee ones, because I think that might be kinder on my legs. I don't know, perhaps I need to do it with heels, rather than these new babies, which in theory are so perfect, but just not on me. With socks I mean. I think this must have turned into the most boring post EVER. I'm sorry people, I'm just so unsure about this... give me guidance!!! Help cure my sock-wearing anxiety!
Ooh, on another entirely random note, whilst out looking for more suitable socks I ended up buying a tuxedo style waistcoat thing from Dorothy Perkins for £7, and this amazing ring, which looks like a great big fat Christmas bauble, or some mystic magical ring from a faraway land. I feel the need after going off on my rant about socks to go off on another about attempting to dress generally in a more boyish and vintagey way, but that's more than enough rubbish for today. Here's hoping you haven't all fallen asleep from boredom at this point.
ASOS dress, M&S men's cardigan, M&S tights, Office shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring, H&M grey necklace, I think the black one was from a Dorothy Perkins a long time ago, and the pearls were a present from my mum.

The appalling attempt at socks over tights, also that's Grant the boyfriend lurking in the background, I didn't mean to get him in the photo, but was kind of putting it on the floor and aiming it at my legs hoping to get an alright picture....and this was the best one. So you're stuck with him there.

I think it looks like it should be in some form of sci-fi/fantasy epic but one isn't springing to mind right now... suggestions please??


  1. It looks pretty good in your pictures, and keeps your feet warmer though! I say go for it with socks over tights!

  2. Hey, I think you looks great! I especially love the tights. Also, I am only 5"5 - not that much taller than you!

  3. well, i expect you to keep the unphotogenic complaints to a minimum after this latest picture please - delectabe! i really lovelovelove the back and white dress!!!


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