Sunday, 10 January 2010

What Hattie wore...

Well, I'm only really doing a new post because I was taking outfit photos for the What Katie Wore challenge; and seeing as I had them, I thought I might as well share them with you. I also manage to not look that appalling as well, not too startled mongoose or double chinned lady, so I thought I would try to prove that I can look like a normal human being. So, here's me in my take on Katie's wardrobe (if some of you haven't seen this blog before I would highly recommend checking it out- it's amazing and was one of the motivations behind me starting this)-

I've just realised that last time I did an outfit post I didn't write down where my attire was from, which I shall from now on endeavour to do, because it really annoys me when I want to know where something is from and I'm not presented with the information. So, I am here wearing a Topshop dress, with a Marks and Spencers stripy tee shirt underneath and Boden cardigan over the top. Also M&S tights and Dr Martens shoes. The necklace is one made by my friend Ruth from uni who has a website if anyone is interested in getting one of these AMAZING donut necklaces- the address is Earrings were a present from my boyfriend, which I was amazed at receiving, since my sister had warned him to never attempt to buy me anything jewellery/clothing/shoe related since I'm a picky bugger and I wouldn't be happy with it, a fate she has unfortunately been privy to (my apologies darling sis). It makes me insanely happy to be co-ordinating my food based jewellery, I think they make a lovely pairing. Ooh, also thought I'd take a picture of my Minnie Mouse ring since I found it a while back and am yet to post a picture-

Oh crap, I just put my foot in Deidre's (my kitten) water AGAIN. Oh dear, now I have a soggy floor and carpet. I don't know how well you can actually see that but the bow's picked out with an engraving type thing. Sorry, I used my macro, but I think my bog standard camera is perhaps not worthy. Oh well. Finally, just because she was sat on my bed and actually still for two seconds together (we've nicknamed her Deidrey-Dora the explorer because of her escapades), I thought I'd take a picture of my very cute kitten to share with you.

Hope you enjoy the cuteness!!

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