Sunday, 21 February 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Vintage dress, H&M cardigan, Boden shirt, Topshop tights, Schuh shoes, Accessorize hairband, Bobbypin umbrella

I had the most ridiculous fun getting dressed yesterday morning. And I was late for my lecture, but I didn't care, I WAS DRESSED LIKE ALICE. Well, not like Alice as such, but an Alice In Wonderland inspired outfit. I had a flash of inspiration whilst in the shower, most likely from staring at my pretty OPI nails, and decided to do an outfit with as many Alice-y type things I could find. Which is quite a lot, as you can see. Kathy and I then went on an epic trek into the woody bits of our university campus to take these pictures, despite it raining/snowing and being absolutely bloody FREEZING. That's why the umbrella was originally in these, to stop my hair getting wet, but I think they add to the playful tone of the photos quite nicely. I've done a bit of fiddling as well with the contrast and saturation, which is the first time I've done it on photos I've posted on here, although considering I used to do it with nearly all my Art photos I really don't know why I never thought to do it before now. I've not quite sure I've got the balance on them right though but anyway. We took some photos as well of my jewellery as well, since it's the details of this outfit that made it special, and made me feel like the most co-ordinated person in the world.

Accessorize earrings, ring from the Clothes Show, charity shop cameo necklace, Eccentric Accessories toadstool brooch, H&M belt, OPI Mad as a Hatter nail varnish
I'm sorry that these aren't spaced out entirely correctly; I'm sure you all know how annoying it can be to try and do a post in Blogger with a lot of photos. As you can see, I had far too much fun getting all the little details right. I am so in love with this OPI nail varnish, although unfortunately I had to take it off because it started chipping and I thought I'd try one of the others. I'm going to stop talking now because this post is ridiculously long already. Hope you appreciate our adventuring into the freezing Welsh weather for the sake of photos!


  1. Wow you look awesome! Great details:D xx

  2. This is so perfect!!! I love all the special details. Glad I found you blog!! And how freaking cute is your hair

  3. Great outfit! I especially like the headband, mushroom brooch, and heart stockings. I adore Alice; when I was give, I used to ask my mom to put my hair in an "Alice" bow :)

  4. Ha! Found you. I am loving your blog and the documentation of your outfits in magazine style.

    Brilliant! Keep going.

    Loving the Alice in Wonderland stuff in particular...I am obsessed with story characters and dressing up anyway... xx


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