Wednesday, 24 February 2010

And the green mist descends....

OH GOOD LORD. Today has been ridiculously exciting. Firstly, because I bought this week's Grazia and it blew my mind slightly (more on this in a second) but also because I WAS ON WHAT YOU WORE!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! I'm so happy. I sent the photo into Joe last week but I didn't want to mention it in case I jinked it after the WYW week fiasco. It's just the photo from the library, I feel in hindsight that the Alice In Wonderland pictures might have been better to send in, but oh well, at that point I hadn't taken them, so library photo it is. People may come onto the blog and see them anyway; well, hopefully.

The other thing was that Grazia had a massive Alice In Wonderland spread because Selfridges have got a themed section for the next couple of weeks in anticipation of the films release. Which means a selection of Alice goodies to sit on the page and stare at me with their beauty, saying 'Buy me Hattie buy me.' Not Drink me, buy me. Dammit. Look at them people, look at them, have you ever seen anything more beautiful???????? Urgh, I've not had this much envy for a very very long time. Probably since I saw the Mulberry Alexa. Damn being a student and deciding to go to university in Wales rather than Reading, which would be much MUCH easier for getting to London. I'm going to go and lust after all the collaborations and pretend I live in an alternate universe. Except ooh, I just remembered, I have some photos from the other day of me wearing my new charity shop blazer.

Miss Selfridge dress via charity shop, Urban Outfitters cardigan, M&S t-shirt and tights, Eastex blazer via charity shop, ASOS necklace, Office loafers




  2. I very much enjoy the name of your blog.
    Also that dress is very much fantastic.

  3. Ooh, congrats on the feature lady!! I loove your shoes.


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