Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Four leaf clover

Sooooo, it's been a while since I posted, although this means I have a great big backlog of outfits to show you- I am getting better at remembering to take them every day. Although not so much as doing it at proper times of the day, rather than at 11 o clock at night, which is why I look somewhat tired, apologies. Right, here is firstly the second attempt at socks over tights worn today....

Mango dress, Laura Ashley cardigan, New Look socks, Clarks shoes and yes, those damned lacy tights again! I can't help it, I love them! And have three pairs so I have plenty!

I was going for some sort of 40s landgirl/farmer type thing, I'm not sure how well it worked. Earlier in the day I'd got the socks up over my knees so they looked more like stockings, but they were kind of cutting into my legs and giving me a mini leg muffin-top... but then I found I could fold them down and still have the pretty lace bits on show. Sorry, I would take another photo so you could see them a bit better, but my camera batteries have died. Anyway, tell me what you think. I'm still not entirely sure, Grant's been telling me all day that I look like a granny or a Morris dancer. Thanks love.
Right, the other really exciting thing for this post..... I LOVE THIS DRESS. Seriously head-over-heels, fawning over, stroking and staring at it, madly, passionately in love with it. I found it in Oxfam for £9 and had to try it on first because it was a size 10 and I wasn't sure whether it would fit over my somewhat recently-expanded chest; and then my friend rang me in the changing room. Trying to answer the phone half undressed in an Oxfam changing room which is full of cardboard boxes with two tiny little Welsh ladies outside was somewhat interesting. I absolutely love the colour and it makes me feel all 50's-esque and fabulous with the full pleated skirt. I also got the belt for £2.50 in Cancer Research. Overall, the charity shop trip went rather well.
Next tee shirt, M&S tights, Office shoes, Eccentric Accessories necklace

Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, M&S tights I think..... although they may be Topshop, and the Office brogues again.

How cool is the split up the back?? This is actually me wearing it on two different days since I wore it on Saturday night and felt one evening's wear didn't really justify putting it in the wash, and I really really wanted to wear it again. I apologise for how often stripy tee shirts appear in my clothing, but I do find them the most fantastic basis to most outfits. They look so cool and clashy against bright colours or other prints. Think of them as my jeans. I was going to try and get a picture for you of my Betty Boop earrings but unfortunately the macro on my camera seems unable to capture them properly. Perhaps I shall try again tomorrow. Right, I'm going to stop whittling on now, because this post must be HUGE by this point. Ooh, but I just remembered, I have another outfit to post. I shall not comment on it though and just leave it for you to digest devoid of extra blabberings....

Dorothy Perkins waistcoat and shirt, Gestuz skirt, Office loafers, Eccentric Accessories earrings and brooch.... although, just to say, this is somewhat of a red-faced photo, but whatever. The other ones in this post are quite good so I can cope. You know I'm not always a little tomato headed person.

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  1. Your style is so colourful! I love it... :)


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