Friday, 12 February 2010

Granny Betty

Obviously, to address the issue that's been at the forefront of all fashion blogger's minds today, I have to mention the passing of Alexander McQueen. I feel it's a little inappropriate to harp on about his genius since to you readers I've never mentioned him before, and I wasn't completely engrossed by his work as some were, but of course I have to say, British fashion has lost a real innovator, almost a magician. And that's all I'm going to say. RIP.

Onto a more cheery note. Thanks to my friend Kathy, I have some photos for you of my newly acquired ugly granny jumper, one of my charity shop buys from earlier in the week.

Charity shop jumper, Gestuz skirt, M&S tights, Office shoes

I've been wanting to buy a really ugly granny jumper for ages, because for some reason I really like wearing kitsch tacky things that other people would pass by, like knitted waistcoats and Mickey Mouse jumpers. Ooh, talking of ugly tacky things, Kathy's good camera macro managed to capture my Betty Boop earrings which I was wearing in this post;

She's actually got a cutout section on her behind which you can't see here. I always feel a bit naughty wearing them, having a Betty Boop in my ear with her arse hanging out! I know, I'm so damn adventurous, wearing naughty earrings. Oh dear. I've got a couple of other posts which I can do using Grant's scanner, but hopefully I shall be buying myself a new camera soon, so hopefully photo posts shall recommence shortly. Can't think of anything else to say really, other than stuff which I should save for other posts. Ooh actually, one other thing, I just ordered the new OPI Alice in Wonderland nail varnish! Expect to see some beautiful glittery nails soon!

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  1. we love, we love - speaking of old grannies... xxx


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