Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We do it in the library....

Firstly, Kathy, I'm sorry for my plagiarism, I had to use that as a title, it was too good!

Right, back to official business. Have a couple of outfits for you today, after I received a job lot from Kathy. I wore this earlier this week;

Vintage dress, H&M shirt, Topshop cardi, Boden coat, M&S scarf, M&S tights, Schuh shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring

Kathy and I had FAR too much fun faffing around taking photos in the library, I thought I'd try and show you the pretty lining in my coat. I thought the purple on the scarf and tights matched better in reality but perhaps not! I love this dress; I bought it for £15 or so at a festival, and it's one of the most frequently worn items in my wardrobe. It's so useful for wearing with pretty much absolutely everything. It is my form of jeans.

Topshop cardigan, t-shirt from a concert, Urban Outfitters skirt, Office brogues

This is the sort of outfit I wear when I'm feeling like I can't be bothered somewhat. A concert t shirt plus cardigan is one of the most comfy combinations ever, and when combined with this stretchy skirt, it's like wearing pyjamas. I apologise for my slightly strange eyes, result of fiddling because of red eye due to being inside.

I received my ASOS parcel yesterday and have applied my beautiful glittery OPI nail varnish, as well as wearing the floral tights I ordered. Although, unfortunately, I am having to wear knickers OVER the tights to keep them up. Oh dear. The reason nearly all my tights are from M&S is because they don't fall down and keep my back warm! I am actually about 20 billion years old. Anyway, the OPI nail varnish is great, for glittery varnish it gave amazing total coverage with only 2 coats. My mum is so clever she had actually already bought me two of the shades without me realising. I got the parcel from her this morning and she'd also sent a beautiful purple button necklace, which I'm planning to wear very soon. I really need to start writing down ideas I get for posts when they pop into my head; for I fear just my outfit posts are somewhat dull for you all. I must inter-splice it with other titbits. Ooh, a random thing to just throw in at the end; I was just looking at Topshop a second ago (which I haven't done for AGES) and saw this skirt, which I feel I really need in my life. It could be a replacement for my denim skirt with the broken fly, although not so versatile I admit, but it's just so damn pretty! Look at the beautiful little bow belt loops! But I decided to give up shopping for Lent. Oh dear...

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