Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A wonderful example for you all of what a great big clumsy arse I am.

Oh dear, oh dear. A GREAT BIG FAT OH DEAR. The camera is well and truly buggered. It may have been alright if I'd just put new batteries in it- but I went and leant on the lens whilst it was stuck out and now it can't do anything. So, urm.... wish for me that I get a camera courtesy of the magic camera-fairy? I'm going to have to buy myself a new one, I can't do the blog without it. Why is it, in the whole 4 years I've had that camera, I've never really needed it, apart from possibly whilst doing Art projects, but now, when I'm actually using the thing daily, I decide to go and sit on it. Yeah, so once again this is a picture-less post.... :S Which is a shame, because I went charity shop-shopping earlier, and got some pretty cool stuff which I wanted to show you. But it shall have to wait. This week's issue of Grazia nearly made my head explode with all the prettiness- I shall do a great big fat post tomorrow on that issue, because there were quite a few things which made me feel the need to come on here and rant, as well as lots of pretty things. But to save that for later, not a good idea to be ranting about Emma Watson before bed, I'll get too angry. Anyhoo, I'm going to float off to sleepy bye-bye land. Night.

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  1. Nice blog you got here " )

    Emma Watson, whats she worth? More than I can even actually imagine. Grrrr. Look forward to the grazia post.

    Stop by if you can Xx


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