Monday, 15 March 2010

All that glitters

Topshop cardigan, H&M tee shirt, Gestuz skirt

H&M tee shirt, Topshop cardigan, Chilli Pepper skirt, Office boots, M&S scarf, Pilgrim bracelets

Apologies for my untidy brows in the top picture, I had plucked them that morning but it was late and I think I must have rubbed them into the untidy mess that you see. Well, this is a bit of a shmusch post, the accumulation of several less than great outfit photos. I had a bit too much fun turning myself into a twinkly Tinkerbell with the aid of this facial glitter, although, I must admit, it did take bloody ages and I don't think facial glitter and contact lenses mix terribly well. But I was very pleased with it. Also apologies for the double chin in the picture, I've started forgetting to take the photos until just before I go to bed which never results in great photos. Tired me and tired Grant equals bad photos. Grant was getting me to tip my imaginary cowboy hat in the other photo, and as always, the silly photo happens to be the best one. Oh dear. I love these little bangles which I've had for several years now. I thought you'd like to see the little gun and dice and rude lady. Oh dear, what with the Betty Boop earrings in the other photo, it's like the naked lady jewellery post. I'm not going to be able to post very often in the next week or two, I've got two essays to get done before the end of term. And so, on that note, I should stop blogging and watching Gavin and Stacey and start reading about South Africa. Toodlepip everyone!


  1. I'm a mightly big fan of the betty boop and floral combo. Those bangles are also pretty dang rad.

  2. i love your eyeliner & glitter eyeshadow combo! very pretty!

    thanks for your comment on my blog :) not watched kramer vs kramer yet but i'll let you know when i have!!

  3. Ooh love the eyeliner! And great outfit!


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