Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dorothy Perkins dress, Warehouse striped tee shirt, M&S tights, Dorothy Perkins belt, Office shoes.
I like to think this makes me look like a raggady Parisian street urchin. Or an Edwardian orphan. Or maybe not.

Vivien of Holloway dress that I acquired from Kathy, Boden white shirt, Accessorize belt, Office shoes
This was Kathy and I at Alice in Wonderland on Saturday night. We had a lot of fun getting ready although we did end up being a little late... whoopsies. Although anyone reading this who knows me also knows that I'm pretty much late for everything. I didn't bother taking loads of close up shots because it's pretty much the same details as the other day, apart from wearing my new heart earrings. The film was absolutely amazing. It looked just beautiful and some of the clothes... Kathy and I nearly had a clothes-gasm. If anyone out there's seen it, you know which red dress I'm thinking of.... I'm debating turning this blue dress into it with the aid of some ribbon and netting. I wasn't even watching it in 3D; unfortunately Abersytwyth is so out in the sticks we don't get it in 3D for several weeks yet! The other outfit is just the one I was wearing yesterday; I know it seems a bit random to have shoved it in but I'm getting somewhat of an outfit photo backlog and so needed to get it out of the camera! Sorry this post's a little random, I wrote another one earlier today in my English lecture because W. H. Auden wasn't proving to be terribly interesting. All I want to write is this great big rant, which I'll do in a sec, but I should do a separate post. Oh dear, I never know how to end posts, I just don't know what to say.... urm, goodbye???


  1. i love the new banner buddy! class act! Im thinking we should dress up for EVERY film we see???

  2. I'm enjoying the new banner, it's very cute.
    I'm very in love with those tights.
    I'm going to start every sentence in this comment with 'I'm'.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing Alice but it's always sold out whenever I go the the theatre and I don't have an extra 3 hours to wait for a showing. Humph.


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