Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I wish....

Recently, I've been feeling a little deflated with my wardrobe. I don't know if anybody else gets this, but sometimes I look at other blogs and just think to myself, 'Why don't I dress like that?' I feel a little like I've gotten stuck in a great big girly rut. I mean I love wearing all my silly girly things, but I just feel the need to liven it up somehow; I feel the need for an injection of some tomboyish scruffiness. I don't want to look 'edgy' in a leather trousers/great big gladiator sandals kind of a way, because I'd just look ridiculous, and I just found those sort of things a bit ugly. I want some denim shirts and jackets, and boyish slouchy shorts and crumpled rolled up trousers and some great big clunky granny sandals. For my clothes to look somehow less like clothes- to look more lived in, and less like it came out of a Topshop bag. Just generally to look less done..... basically, I want to dress like Alexa Chung. Which is probably an awful thing to say, with all it's conforming associations and abandoning my own style sort of thing, but really, I'd just like to be able to carry off that awesomeness, just a little bit. Partly the reason I'm still very firmly rooted in skirts and dresses is because I don't know whether I can pull off this sort of silhouette. The main reason I stopped wearing trousers was because I could simply never find pairs that fit. I've got a fairly sizeable arse and a smaller waist; generally speaking, this doesn't translate well into buying trousers on the British High Street. Everything leaves a great big gap at the back unless you buy all your trousers from M&S. And as much as I love M&S, having to buy all my jeans from Per Una for a few years made me feel ridiculously middle aged and frumpy. I'm also only 5"3 and find that skirts and dresses make me look taller by hiding where my legs start. Somehow this is all intrinsically linked in my mind with the approaching summer. I know for most people it seems it will never get here but for me it is looming far too close for my liking. I absolutely HATE summer; I don't cope at all well with the heat and tend to become very lethargic and grumpy. It's like permanent PMS. I burn like toast under the sun so I've absolutely nothing to gain from all that bloody sunshine. I also don't like showing my upper arms or my legs past my knees in summer, due to being a little squishy in said areas. It is however insanely difficult to get stuff on the high street that has decent sleeves (never cap sleeves, those are some of the most awful things ever created) and come down to the knee. Which normally leaves me feeling very frumpy in my middle aged clothes. And, whatever my boyfriend thinks, most girls thighs do meet in the middle, and dresses and skirts minus tights in the summer heat does not always equate to the most comfortable of outfits. So, I desperately need to get myself some trousers so I'm not having to apply Lanacane every two minutes. I don't even know what the point of this post is anymore-perhaps a plea that other people suffer from a complete loss of style identity in the summer? Tips for places to buy trousers that fit? I don't know. Anyway,rant over. I'm going to go and get up and enjoy putting on tights and cardigans and vests, safe in my layered loveliness.

Ooh, and just to say that the new header is not mine, it's a picture I took of a card by Gail Goodwin. But isn't it amazing?? I thought it summed up my attitude to clothes quite well.

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  1. I must say, that was a very well written rant.
    Every time i look at anotehr persons blog I think 'why don't I dress like that?' It makes me a bit disheartened. I ahve the exact same problem with the big butt and small waist, luckily though I haven't become sick of only wearing skirts and dresses in the summer yet.


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