Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mary Mary

M&S dress, really old H&M cardi, TK Maxx tights, Bertie shoes, charity shop belt

Firstly I must apologise for this top picture; because I took it last night inside the colours of my outfit look completely different from how they actually do in reality. I'm still finding my feet with the new camera and wasn't quite sure what would have been the best colour setting to use. So, this second photo is to try and show you the actual colours. The dress is a slightly strange colour to be honest anyway; depending on what you're wearing it with, it can look quite orangey or, as it did last night, a very vivid pink, almost like a rich highlighter colour. I hope the second photo of the clothes bundled on my floor shows this somewhat better! The tights were a lavender/dusky blue colour. Also, this outfit is actually a maternity dress. I'd seen one on the M&S website that looked exactly the same; upon seeing the print in the shop, I picked it up to find it was the maternity version, and there was only one left, which happened to be my size. I went and tried it on anyway since I loved the print so much (little Mary Poppins!!) and it actually looked alright. It's also great for me in the summer because it's lightweight but has decent sleeves and comes down to my knees, which I want when I don't have the luxury of wearing tights. It looks somewhat more maternity-esque if I don't have a belt on with it since the elastication under the bust becomes more apparent; but I think generally, it's not that noticeable. Also, I'm sorry this is not the promised Madonna floral outfit; I'm currently desperately in need of doing some washing, and I know I need a particular cardigan to wear with the dress that is currently lurking in my pile. This lack of clothing explains me wearing this dress in the first place since I thought it would be too cold really, but needs must, and with nothing else looking particularly inspiring, I turned back to my Mary Poppins. I shall try and do the Madonna outfit by the end of the week- now off to the washing machine!!


  1. Those shoes render me speechless, they're just so amazing.
    Also, that dress is fantastic, the thought of a print like that has never crossed my mind.

  2. i have this plan where I feed you lots of pink dougnuts and cream and doritos, and you grow grotesquely fat and you dont fit anything and I HAVE TO HAVE YOUR MARY POPPINS DRESS...


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