Saturday, 6 March 2010

Material Girl

Lipsy London dress, H&M tee shirt, M&S tights, Office Converses, Topshop necklace, Pilgrim ring

So, here is the tacky dress I bought at the weekend. Amusingly enough, several people commented on how 'colourful' I looked yesterday; it was said with a slight air of 'Oh good lord, that dress is blinding me'. Anyhoo, I liked wearing it. I was going for some sort of Madonna 80s sort of look with the pearls, and I thought if I wore anything else than trainers with this in the daytime I'd look like I was trying WAY too hard. And also, any excuse to get the beautiful sides of these Converses out. I've had them for about 4 years now, and am getting a bit terrified that if I wear them too often I'll wear them out; damn limited Office collaborations! I'm pretty sure they're not available anymore, and that makes me very very sad. Anyway, quick post because I need to go and get some dinner cooked before I go off to see Alice in Wonderland tonight :D And if you think the Alice outfit from the other day was perhaps a little extreme, wait and see what Kathy and I are planning for tonight..... mwhahahahaha


  1. Ohh, that dress is very colourful! That is said with more of a 'I'm really jealous of that awesome raindbow dress' than a 'Oh good lord, that dress is blinding me' sort of air.

  2. I thought Id seen you on WYW!! Yaay for you!! :D

    Hope you enjoy Alice despite what you read in my little reveiw.

    The dress is gorgeous xx

  3. You look so cute!! Those converse are great, I haven't worn a pair in years.


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