Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sesame Street

Next (men's) tee shirt, ASOS skirt, Monsoon cardigan, Timeless shoes

This tee shirt is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It's not glamorous or terribly flattering (it makes my breasts look somewhat balloon like, and NOT in a good way), but it makes me feel geeky and cool, which for some people would be somewhat of an oxymoron, but not for me. I'd quite like to dress like a great big geek all the time if I could, damn great big geeky man frames looking bad on me. However, these are my actual glasses; I realised I hadn't done an actual post without my contact lenses so far. I have a slightly confused relationship with my glasses; I don't particularly like wearing them because they make me feel about 15. Which doesn't make me feel particularly attractive, but I thought I should show them to you anyway. Urgh, I must sound terribly vain and self obsessed now; I do worry what you all think of me. But I haven't been massively internet trolled or anything so I think it must all be alright. Ooh, and talking of feeling 15, today I also popped on a load of jelly bracelets that I found in Poundland the other day (oh yes, 50 jelly bracelets for a pound! A pound I say!) I must say, I rather enjoyed reliving this part of my youth- I still think they're flipping awesome, even if the way they make my wrist all clammy hasn't gone away with the years.
I also love this sequined skirt and am quite surprised I haven't worn it on the blog already. Although, thinking about it, I haven't worn it for a while generally. I am once again in need of doing some more washing so am wearing random coloured tights. I shall try and get some more interesting outfits together for you next week when I've (fingers crossed) got two essays done this weekend. Le sigh. Ooh, and just to show you this pair of ASOS dungarees I saw in Elle and really really want despite the fact I know that they'd just be the most awful thing on me EVER.

Can you imagine??!! Arse the size of ALASKA. Ok, I know Alaska isn't particularly big, but in comparison to the rest of my body, it's pretty damn big, and the dungarees are white and I liked the alliteration, so it's staying. Although I could have used America, or Asia, but that doesn't sound quite so good, does it?


  1. Hey, uh, can I marry your skirt? I'm pretty sure I fell in love with it right away when I saw it's beautiful sparkle in the photos.

  2. I love the colours in your outfit!


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