Monday, 22 March 2010

Those were the days....

Topshop hoodie, Urban Outfitters tee shirt, ASOS skirt, Office Converses, really old earrings from a little shop in Plymouth

Yumi dress, Vampire Bunnies cardigan, M&S tights, Schuh shoes

This blog seems to be turning into pictures of me spinning round in skirts. After my 13 year old outfit from the other day, I decided to just go the whole hog and relive a bit of my early teenage years. It felt pretty weird but also pretty awesome, and somehow strangely liberating. The blue feather fell off one of the earrings at some point in the day so thats why it's missing! I have been enjoying being able to wear my longer earrings again now my hairs getting so long (well, long for me). I realise the general formula of my everyday outfits is becoming very apparent recently (if you haven't figured it out- tee shirt+cardigan+skirt) and I apoligise if this is getting a little boring. Hopefully when I can clothes shop again after Lent I should be able to get some things to shake it up a bit-emphasis on SCRUFFY BOYNESS. If I'm not doing this, and dressing too overtly girly, please tell me and remind me! I'm going to stop talking now, because I'm absolutely knackered from doing an essay all weekend and I've got another one to do in the next couple of days, and I'd probably just whitter on even worse than usual. Ooh, but one last thing- I bought the Company High Street Edit earlier today as a reward for my essay- it was actually really good, and I also saw these beautiful Hush Puppies shoes which I want quite badly-

I also just saw the trailer for Remember Me on TV and am quite concerned that I'd quite like to see it. No Pattison you're not sucking me in now!!!! *shakes fist*


  1. I love the colors you use! They look great on you!

  2. I love, love, love both the outfits! The print on the dress is beautiful.

  3. i didnt see this outfit. sky blue actually quite suits you! possible ball dress colour? I MISS YOU, yes, already xxx

  4. But darling, the shoes have ANKLE STRAPS!! Has one embraced said shoes since the days of the year 11 prom where, if memory serves, you rejected a similar pair on the grounds of their being somewhat uhhh slutty? Love youuu xxx


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