Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Through the looking glass

M&S dress, Warehouse tee shirt, M&S tights, Office brogues, also Kathy's room and Nathalie's knee

M&S shirt (a discarded one of my sister's), Gestuz skirt, M&S cardigan, Office brogues

family ring, Topshop necklace, Accessorize hairclips
So, today was my first attempt at wearing my new mirror necklace which I was going on about yesterday in my video post. Because I haven't got many clothes with me I've having to make do; although my sister gave me a pile of her old shirts which she doesn't want any more which I'm very happy with, what with the whole 'I will dress more boyish' thing. Because I haven't got many girly things with me, I decided to pair it with a masculine shirt and brogues in the hope it would be a bit of a contrast. Likewise with the other accessories. The ring is a recently discovered old family piece; my mum had it sat in her old jewellery box and wasn't wearing it, so when I went on a rummage and found it I promptly asked if I could commandeer it. I love it, it's so beautiful and dainty, and I really like wearing something that has a bit of history. I like knowing that other people wore it and hopefully had many amazing experiences wearing it. Oh dear, I'm showing that I'm somewhat of a romantic aren't I? I tied the ribbon around my wrist to tie in with the pink ribbon on the mirror, and also clipped my fringe out of the way with these little pearly bows. Sorry the full outfit picture's not great; now I'm back home I've lost Kathy's photography skills and am in desperate need of buying a tripod. First photo's just from the other day which I hadn't got around to uploading. Overall, I think the 'scruffy boy/girl in boarding school uniform' look is going rather well.... dare I say it, I almost welcome the return of the sun and the challenge it will bring! I know I'll regret that later.

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