Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Kitchen Floor Photography

Vintage denim dress, Dorothy Perkins stripey tee shirt, Topshop cardigan, M&s tights, Faith shoes, Topshop necklace

Well, I'm going to apologise now people, because you're probably not going to be able to get this necklace off me for the next couple of weeks. I EFFING LOVE IT, and am basing every single outfit around being able to wear it. Also, I decided to try taking pictures sat on my kitchen floor since I have no photographers here and have to do my best leaning my camera against vegetable basket draws. Anyway, I think it turned out alright, you've all seen the dress and cardi before, and showing you the shoes was the important thing and they're there in all their glory so it's all good. These were my first pair of brogues/jazz shoes and I wore them quite a lot when I first got them, so much I've nearly worn out the sole. I've rediscovered them recently and am wearing them if I want to add a bit of coloured brogue rather than metallic brogue to an outfit. I got a haircut today; it's not drastically different from before but I've had the colour redone so am all nice and bluey black again and have had my fringe sorted out and hair generally trimmed. Also, managed to get the most amazing floral shirt in Oxfam- I realise it's not Easter Sunday yet but I couldn't help it, it was just too good to pass up. It's like big oversized denim shirt but in this floral brushed cotton fabric- I'll do a post on it soon. Also, after Passport Smile's comment on my last post about the CEO of American Apparel being somewhat of a pervert I went off to have a read on the tinternet. I'm not quite sure what I think- similar to the whole recent scandal with Terry Richardson, I can't help but feel much as these men imply that they are creating an environment where women's sexuality is celebrated and 'free', the sheer level of objectification that appears obviously clearly demonstrates that these men are still getting some form of sexual gratification out of these situations. Although both Charney and Richardson say that the women who participated in sexual acts with them were consenting, surely their vastly superior position of power would imply otherwise? I've just starting reading 'The Beauty Myth' by Naomi Woolf and so may perhaps be able to express myself more articulately on this subject at some later point. I've been doing a Women in the Third World module in Politics recently which has reignited my interest in feminism, and I'm currently attempting to educate myself with some literature. Perhaps at a later date I'll go off on a great big feminist rant. But later. Now off to go and pick up my sister.

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  1. a feminist rant would be great, over due even! Your kitchen looks awesome and cosy, i hope one day i will break bread with you there! :) love those shoes. i also full intend to TeeeBeee you asap xxx


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