Saturday, 3 April 2010

And I'll teach you how to fly, and how to sing a lullaby...

Ok, so I know I said there probably wouldn't be many outfit posts to do this holiday since I've got a limited wardrobe, but for some reason, something entirely different seems to be happening. Probably since because I'm not at uni (which doesn't mean I haven't got a TON load of work to do- far from it) I've got too much time on my hands. I'm off up to Yorkshire tomorrow to go and see my dad's side of the family and am terribly excited about seeing my very cute little cousins. Which of course means I won't have my laptop and so won't be able to post 'til Tuesday, so thought I should get one last post in there, and a couple of outfits for you. I seem to have dried up on the comments recently; I don't know if my sparse handful of followers (the grand total of 9 which still surprises me since I haven't been at this long) haven't been reading or that I've just got boring, please tell me if you think it's the latter! I realise I do need to do some stuff to inject a bit of variety into the blog; but as always, doing the research and stuff will take time, whereas just rambling on about my outfits doesn't seem to take too much. Sorry, I shall try and spice it up a little. For the moment however, here are my outfits from yesterday and today;

Topshop dress, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, charity shop belt, Topshop necklace, TK Maxx purple tights and Henry Holland for Pretty Polly ones over the top, Office brogues
I really love this dress but don't end up wearing that often a) because it's a bitch to iron, and b) because it's cotton and not very warm. But layered up yesterday with a vest and tee shirt plus two layers of tights meant it was ok outside in the British summer(ha!)time. I wasn't planning on layering these tights but the weather demanded two layers of leg protection. I've managed to find a couple of places in my house which are good for taking photos, even if the light isn't great. Sorry this isn't the best angle of my legs but oh well, it was the best way to show you the tights.

Dorothy Perkins oversized tee shirt, M&S tee shirt underneath, M&S skirt, Office brogues

Firstly, please ignore the towels and toilet and contact lenses boxes. The doorway to my bathroom seems to be the best place for taking pictures; I can balance my camera on the windowsill opposite and get under the light, which is a lot less yellow than in the dining room as in the previous photo. The under tee shirt and skirt are both new; my mum bought them both for £3 in the M&S sale, and although she thought I might not like the skirt, didn't want to pass it up at £3. I was expecting it to look bloody awful since it's a stretchy bodycon one, but actually, it doesn't give me VPL and is ridiculously comfy. Obviously, long loose tee shirts are a must to stop me looking slutty, and I was quite pleased with this outfit. This tee shirt as well is one of my sister's that I pinched which I think she got in a sale anyway, so overall this outfit probably cost £10 or something, minus the shoes obviously. I like the stars cutout detail on the back; normally when I wear this I wear it with a pink tee shirt so the colour peaks through, but didn't feel that would work with the colour palette. So left it as it was. I think I may have been subconsciously inspired by Isabel's AA work outfit, else I'm sure the mirror necklace would have come back out again. I shall try and get some pictures this weekend while I'm away, hopefully perhaps of something more interesting than me flouncing around. Ooh, I've also been listening to Jose Vanders recently since Kathy used her song Peter Pan on one of her videos, and currently can't get her out of my head. Listening to it right now actually. Right, that's more than enough to be going on with, this is probably more than 4 days worth! Oh well.


  1. Ooh I love those star shaped holes! Rad!

  2. Love the tights! I hear you with regards to ironing awkward clothes. One skirt I have gives me hell, but I give it back threatening it with the steam on the iron, lol.
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday <3
    I think it's just one of those things, sometimes oodles of comments, then nothing for a bit.
    I added you to my blog list, on my site. Love your clothes combinations :D

  3. I'm sure it's not that your posts are boring, I haven't really been commenting on anything because I've been spending less tie on the computer and more time outdoors now that it's getting nice out, maybe everyone else is too?
    Okay. Those tights are too awesome.

  4. love your henry holland tights & shoes fom office! lovely outfits!! :)

    i don't think your posts are boring but keep them coming, people like to see regular updates! i find that when i do more commenting i get more comments back...its time consuming but it does pay off! :)

  5. Your shoes in the first pic and your Shirt in the last pic are so AMAZEBALLS!!!


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