Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flowers in France

TK Maxx tee shirt, Monsoon cardigan, Fat Face skirt, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Boden scarf

Oh dear, I am not photogenic. Especially when the photos are being taken by my sister. She took about 40 and these were the best- yes people, it was that bad, even with the aid of the usual magic function of Burst. Anyway, I am now En France and having a very nice time doing very little. Although I should be getting on with quite a lot of work, but let's not talk about that. This is on the beach just down from the house we are staying in. Mum bought me this skirt on Friday in an attempt to get me a new denim skirt with a functioning fly zipper. I'm attempting to get over this podgy knee issue and so wore it sans tights today, although it was perhaps a little chilly for it. But by the time I shut the door behind me, after all the effort of shaving and exfoliating and moisturising, I wasn't going to go and put the tights on! And it was strangely quite freeing. I think my mum is right when she says that people aren't examining my knees as I walk by. I got a little snap happy whilst I was out, enjoying the fact that I now have a decent macro far too much,


  1. Hattie with her kit off = Happy Kathy

  2. So jealous you're in France!! I bet you're having the loveliest time.

    Ha, I'm still so self-conscious of my legs when I go sans tights but I know it's just me. People aren't looking at my legs anyhow so I should just get over it.


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