Thursday, 29 April 2010

Greater Shakespeare

Well, following on from my last post, I'm currently watching Blood, Sweat and Luxuries, which is so far proving to be pretty bloody awful. I'm meant to be doing a post but just don't really want to now, this is just awful. If anyone hasn't seen the programme, the basic premise is that a group of British teenagers are sent to somewhere where the luxuries we buy on our high street are produced, and have to take part in the production process. This current episode is about the leather production process, and it's proving to be pretty horrific. Even though right now I'm feeling a bit awful about being a Western consumer, I do have pictures to post. So, in an effort to use all the clothes I have, here are some outfits with long lost items...

Warehouse tee shirt via my sister, M&S cardi via charity shop, homemade skirt, TK Maxx tights, Bertie shoes, Accessorize scarf which was a gift, Topshop earrings
This is a skirt I made myself after seeing one in Topshop but simply refusing to pay £50 for a fairly simple skirt that I could easily make myself. I absolutely love this fabric; it's just so fabulously tacky and I love the colours. I wore my ice cream earrings to match the 'holiday' theme of the skirt.I must admit I didn't wear these shoes out today; beautiful as they are, they're just so damn painful! This scarf was bought for me by my friend Becky, and despite the fact I love the drape and the stripe, I couldn't figure out what to wear it with because of the colour. However, I saw it this morning and saw the green in the skirt pattern so popped it on. I've really loved wearing this today; I don't get to wear this skirt often in Aberystwyth, what with it being the windiest place in the whole world, but today there was a fortunate respite, and I dug it out.

ASOS skirt, M&S tee shirt, charity shop belt, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Paper Planes bag
I love the print on this skirt from ASOS, and seeing as it was quite warm yesterday I grabbed the chance to wear it. I tend to think it looks best just with a plain tee shirt and try to style it in a sort of 50s way. It made me really happy how the stamp print on the skirt worked with the 'mail bag' feeling of the satchel. Oh dear, I'm a bit sad. Ooh, also, what do you think of the red lipstick? I know you can't really see my face properly, but you know, you can sort of see. Kathy had come around yesterday and we were trying on our dresses for the May Ball, hence why I had lipstick on, since I don't normally wear it. I'd really like to be able to wear lipstick on a regular basis, but many years of wearing braces and then working as a dental secretary means I'm a bit paranoid about bad breath, and so I don't really like the feeling of anything on my lips because I feel like I can't lick them. I know that sounds a bit weird but I always feel like my mouth is too dry and the lipstick somehow seems to exacerbate it. However, I'm going to make myself wear it for the May Ball, since I'm wearing a pretty retro outfit (post to come shortly). Anyway, tell me what you think from the tiny bit you can see of my face!

RSC tee shirt, really old H&M cardi of my sisters, M&S skirt and tights, Office shoes, Eccentric Accessories earrings
I've never actually managed to wear this tee shirt apart from as pyjamas, despite thinking the 'Greater Shakespeare' print is really cool, because I'm a geeky English student. I think it's the ribbed neckline; somehow it always seems to look kind of mumsy and 90s in the worst possible way. Anyway, I decided I thought I'd give it a go with this skirt and voilĂ ! As you can see, I desperately need to chuck these shoes out but I love them too much to let them go! Ah, damn Office shoes being so beautiful but not hard wearing. I hate the fact I'm so hard on shoes. Anyway, overall, wearing these forgotten items this week has been really fun; it's given me a real sense of achievement to finally figure out how to wear some of these pieces. Long may the wardrobe revival continue!


  1. I think we can do it Hattie, I think we can do it!
    and for goodness sake take advantage of your complexion and exploit the fact that you suit red lipstick already, do it for all of us who don't!!! Its like when I meet people who dont actually LIKE cheese. it hurts me. lol.
    anyway, i love this post and i love you!
    did u see my new banners? I am Soooo proud of myself!;)



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