Wednesday, 7 April 2010

One shirt, two outfits... plus a few pastel purchases

top photo- Marks and Spencers shirt via charity shop, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, Gestuz skirt, Office brogues, Topshop necklace
second photo- vintage dress, Vero Moda jacket courtesy of my sister, Boden scarf courtesy of my mum (it was a right steal of an outfit!), M&S tights, Converses
So, this may end up being the longest blog post I have done so far, due to the sheer epicness of the shirt and the fact I may have gone and spent far too much money in Plymouth today. I wore the first shirt outfit yesterday with the Topshop necklace and cameo ring, and then the one that makes me look like a 6 year old today. I'm not sure which one I prefer. I do really like the combination of the scarf and the shirt though. It's technically my mum's though, so pinching it may be a bit fiddly, I'll just have to make sure she gets me one when she next does a Boden order. I also really like this denim jacket of my sisters and have been trying to find one for myself for ages now. I was dragged into Primark by my friends and saw a really nice one in there but couldn't bring myself to buy it despite the £13 price tag. I couldn't help but think of the poor little Indian children, and also, the fact that I'd probably see it on other people absolutely everywhere. The rose earrings are some old ones of my mums that I found in a jewellery box; I think they're just lovely. I wanted to buy the ice creams last time I was in Topshop but plumped for the mirror instead, and when I saw these hairclips I had to have them, since they matched pretty much every purchase from the rest of the day and I've been trying to use more hair accessories now it's getting a bit longer. I know I could have been using clips and things when it was shorter, but it's just my hair is very slippy and things don't tend to stay in; but I've decided that I will get used to the feeling of stuff in my hair and will continue to search for things that will grip my damn slippy hair. These ones seem pretty good. The sweatshirt was from New Look, which I got for £10.50 thanks to Grazia's Easy Chic Week vouchers. It's a kind of lilac mauve grey colour, which actually goes really nicely with my hair. I've been surprised at the fact that these pastels don't actually look awful on me; although they'll definitely not be worn on days when I've been in too much of a rush to put make up on, with a good face of colour corrector and some foundation they're alright. More cartoon tee shirts- I think I may have a bit of a problem. But they're just so damn amazing! I've had my eye on this blue denim dress from New Look for quite a while, but couldn't buy it due to the shopping ban; however, Lent is over and the Grazia voucher allowed me to buy. I'm debating whether it's too short to wear in the summer without tights or not. I'm not terribly fond of my somewhat podgy knees but am trying to get over this because it just makes summer a nightmare. And finally, I bought some stranded cotton to make some friendship bracelets after seeing loads in Accessorize and thinking, 'I could make those with a few bits of string!' Now panting after that blogging sprint of a post!
Ooh, I also had a fiddle last night with the layout- what do you think?


  1. everything is adorable! love the floral jacket

  2. I love all of this!
    Those hair clips & earrings are super adorable *-*


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