Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When the Lord shuts a door, somewhere he opens a window... or in my case, he provides a kitchen worksurface.

New Look jumper, Gestuz skirt, Dorothy Perkins trainers, Boden scarf

Despite the fact that my sister has many wonderful attributes, she still continues to be an appalling photographer. I have therefore resorted to again using the doorway looking down pose, this time a kitchen counter acting as my tripod. This is my new jumper that I got the other day from New Look. I felt that it needed something a bit more exciting than plain black opaques so went for these pink ones because.... basically because it was the best I had out of the tights I’d brought with me. Oh yes, and because it matched my nails which I’d painted the day before. It also makes me really happy that these new trainers my mum got me match the jumper perfectly, because I’m a bit sad. I realised it looks pretty damn 80s but anyhoo, I really liked it, and it was really damn comfy.

New Look dress, Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, M&S tights, charity shop belt, Office brogues, Accessorize earrings

I know this looks like it’s missing something. The thing was, because of the big bow on the neckline, I didn’t feel like I could wear a necklace or a scarf. I think it needs some great big bracelets and maybe a hairband or something, but I have limited resources. It’s strange because although it’s one of those items that will go with so many things, when it’s on, it looks a bit too simple, and I just want to add more and more stuff. I do tend to do that and add things when they’re not needed; perhaps this is a good thing to train me out of the habit. Also, my boobs look really weird because I’m sort of slouching because I’m looking down... oh dear. But I did win on one front.... look at the earring match! I could have done that with a necklace too, but as I said, thought that would be bow overload.
And here’s a load of random pictures from France so far that I can’t really be bothered to explain, and so shall just leave like so. Also, I kind of like sometimes just having a great big stream of random images- it’s sort of refreshing.
Ooh and one last thing- I’ve been watching Mad Men and feeling like a complete failure of a woman in comparison to Joan. She is so damn fricking HOT.

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  1. I LOVE that denim dress - even better than i imagined on!!! and i cant wait to get my nose in that alice comic! just DAYS till our reuniting! xxx


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