Monday, 3 May 2010

Art Teacher

Oh dear, I really need to remember to do posts more often rather than doing these triptych posts I've ended up doing recently. I've been endeavouring to continue to utilise all my wardrobe items, and so decided to dig out one of many berets. I used to wear a lot of hats but don't tend to so much now, they kind of irritate me. But I do like wearing berets because I like to pretend I'm French and an art teacher. I'm amazed I haven't put this dress on the blog already; I wear it a lot because it's very comfy and I really like the fact it looks like a great big over sized shirt. This M&S scarf is great for tying outfits together; because it's got so many colours in it, it makes putting outfits together when you're running out of tights really easy. Sorry about the smudges on the photo, don't know what those are about.

H&M dress, M&S scarf and tights, Accessorize beret, Office shoes, charity shop belt

New Look dress, Boden tee shirt, House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights, Dorothy Perkins trainers, mess of bangles from charity shops, jumble sales and my mum's jewellery box

I'm aware this isn't terribly innovative since you've all seen this dress a lot recently and for that I apologise. But I thought I hadn't worn this tee shirt for a while and these tights don't often get an outing, and after the positive reception the black ones received the other day, I thought I'd show them to you. And the scarf is a recently rediscovered item so I thought the outfit generally counted. And I don't wear these bangles very often despite loving them... so yes, it definitely counts. Also, I wanted to design an outfit around these earrings I recently made.... look at them in all their wonder!!!

I made them out of some buttons I bought a while ago. They were from a little set of all sorts of sea themed things; I also got some sea horses and starfish. It makes me so happy to have Ariel in my ears!! Ah, I'm so sad. I also had a really cool idea for turning the dress I bought off Kathy into a Little Mermaid one using this scrap of a nightie I've saved for many years. Anyway, these earrings have been making me very happy for several days now. Amazing how a pretty pair of earrings + sunshine + new Kate Nash album + finding out I didn't fail an essay makes for one very happy Hattie.

I especially like the recently acquired elephant one from Oxfam :)

Topshop vest, Only skirt (from France), Dorothy Perkins cardigan, M&S tights, Office shoes, Pilgrim bracelets

I once again wore these earrings today and quite enjoyed wearing them with my 'pirate' top. I hardly ever wear this top because it's very thin and can only really be worn when it's pretty toasty. Also, because my mum told me it made me look pregnant and looked like a nightie. Oh dear. Anyway, I like wearing it occasionally, and thought I should wear it considering the new wardrobe aims. I've also been wearing some new pastel eyeshadow recently which I've really been liking; but unfortunately couldn't get a very good picture for you. I shall try and get Kathy to take a decent picture at some point. I may have just been a bit naughty and ordered a Cath Kidston bag... but it was reduced and had the cowboy print that reminds me of the print on the matresses at my nan's, and makes me think of staying at my nan's as a child and sleeping on the bottom bunk bed, and I have wanted it for ages. I might have to live off lentils for a week though, even with the reduction. Oh well. Oh my, I just watched Disturbia in the house by myself, that was a bad idea. Terrifying! Anyway off to bed now Grant is home and can protect me from serial killer neighbours!


  1. Henry Holland tightsssss *___* Ack, they're so pretty!
    I adore those sea themed earrings too!

  2. Those sea themed buttons rock. The dress in the top photo also rocks. the rest of all these outfits rock too.


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