Monday, 17 May 2010

Cowboy Cath

I did have an outfit post planned with an outfit from last week but unfortunately, I had left my memory card in the laptop when I took the pictures and so had to take the photos on the internal memory card of the camera. Which of course needs a lead to attach it to the computer, which I of course can't find, probably because my room looks a little like this-

Er, so yeah, that's why I can't find the lead. And the thing is, this is my room being pretty tidy. This is the problem of living with your boyfriend; you pretty much end up spending all of your time in his room and then your room just turns into a dumping ground and a bed to sleep in. Oh dear. Anyway. So, since I don't have an outfit to show you but I did receive a parcel earlier today- here is my beautiful new Cath Kidston bag!!

I would have preferred it if it was a satchel but seeing as I got it for £25 rather than £38 I'm not complaining, and the messenger style is pretty much the next best thing. I love the print; it reminds me of the mattresses on my Nanny and Grandad's bunk beds when I went to stay with them as a kid. I also love the starry lining and the stripey strap. It's also big enough to carry my uni work in, which is always a plus. Anyway, I should go beds now; despite getting one exam out of the way earlier, I still have 4000 fricking words to write on Agamben in two days. Urgh.

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