Saturday, 22 May 2010

Kungfu Love

I might have just done something terribly naughty. You know I was talking about how I'd found some sandals that might hopefully solve my summer shoes dilemma? Well, I went ahead and bought them, despite being a poor student at the very end of her loan. But look at them-

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?? I feel the need to explain my dilemma to you.

As you may have gathered by now, I do not like summer. I find it too damn hot and a little stifling stylistically. Also, I don't like exposing myself to the world, and this includes my feet. I know it sounds weird, but I really don't like sandals. My dad said something to me many moons ago about why he refused to wear sandals, about how feet are ugly, but women can just about get away with showing them, but men with all their hairy nobbly toes.... not so much. But this stuck in my mind rather. I just really don't like showing my feet. Also, a lot of sandals I just find so damn UGLY. Sandals aren't elegant, or cute, or make you go 'Woooaaaahhhhh' in an excited manner. They're just sandals. Plus, every sandal on the fricking high street currently is a gladiator one, which I think are the most FUGLY THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. I HATE them. There is no way I can stress this enough. They make your ankles look weird and your feet look huge and you look like you have men's shoes on... why, just why? They actually make me physically shudder a little.

So, my options are already somewhat restricted. But, I needed to get some sandals, because much as I love the trainers I've been wearing in nearly every single post recently, the sad fact is that they make my feet smell something awful. And it's not healthy for my feet to be enclosed in all that fabric in the heat. I also have this genetic thing which means the tendons on the back of my ankles are somewhat shorter than normal, which means when I wear completely flat shoes and walk on any kind of gradient my calves ache because they're effectively constantly stretching. So, I had to get some sandals, to save my poor, poor feet. There were two requirements;

1. There needed to be some kind of heel on them in order to combat above problem. A wedge would be preferable, since I'm no good in anything other than chunky heels.

2. I wanted something on the slightly orthopaedic ugly looking granny side. In a perfect world, I would have loved these Swedish Hasbeens, but I'm sorry, I'm not paying £130 for clogs.

I managed to find some similar clogs on ASOS for around £35 but they weren't really doing it for me. Until, I stumbled onto the above ones; a good sensible heel (from what I can tell!), a nice brown leather (although I don't normally like brown, but for summer sandals it just seems somewhat appropriate), and they made the model's legs look pretty amazing. Obviously she would have amazing legs, she's a model, but what I mean is I could see the leg lengthening potential of these beauties. I also like how they look like they'll hold your feet in and you won't slip out of them. However, there was one slight problem... they were £95. Damn Carvela shoes! So, I went onto the Kurt Geiger website just in case they happened to have them reduced.... and voila, shoes for £50!! Score! I know I shouldn't really be buying shoes currently because I'm somewhat skint, but thought I needed to grasp the opportunity whilst it was there. And also, I really do need them! I realise they're not going to go with all of my things since they're perhaps a little grown up for some of my stuff; but, for my denim dresses and skirts and long swishy skirts they'll work fabulously. I only hope they live up to my expectations. I feel like I've effectively just written a love letter to the shoes. Oh dear, I hope you haven't all got terribly bored. Do any of you out there hate buying stuff for the summer too? It would make me feel a lot better to know I wasn't the only one with summer induced Scrooge-ness!


  1. "I wanted something on the slightly orthopaedic ugly looking granny side."

    So glad you said that BEFORE posting that picture of what have to be the ugliest shoes I have seen since the days of the electric blue running shoes *sigh of nostalgia*

    FYI if it's ugly granny shoes you're after, Urban Outfitters did have something that might suit in t'other day. Note, I am not in any way casting aspersions on said shop, Nad and I spent like an HOUR in there drooling and generally lusting after beautiful objects.

    Hope the shoes live up to your expectations, even if you will now have to eat baked beans and other horrible MUSHY foods :P

  2. aah clogs. I do love 'em. But then, you probably wouldn't value my opinion, because I also do like gladiator sandals..... feeling the shame, now, after you expressed you vehement hatred of them!! sorry!!!!!! haha


    ps. you have a new follower!! :D


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