Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shopping and sausages

Laura Lees dress via charity shop, Vampire Bunnies cardi, M&S tights, Schuh shoes, Accessorize hairband, I can't remember where the bangle's from, it might be Claire's Accessories

So, this is the crowning glory of the charity shop haul yesterday. It's a Laura Lees dress, which I know retail for about £60, but I got it for £6! I love it because it's actually got some sleeves, and is quite a decent length. It's also pretty damn comfy, apart from the fact it is a little tight on the bust, which is why my breasts look somewhat trussed up- because they are. I like the bib detailing on the front and it's also got a pretty little slit and button to do it up at the back. Also, the amazing embroidered details!! That's what makes the dress so awesome. I would have worn the blue tights I've been wearing recently with my blue skirt, but unfortunately they weren't clean and so I had to make do with these purple ones. I decided to amp up the tattoo-ness of the embroidered patches by teaming it with my sailor cardigan and new button earrings. I feel perhaps I could have styled it up in a less twee way, but I was in a bit of a rush earlier and just thought I'd go overboard on the girlishness instead, because it's a lot easier. Anyway, I'm going to go now and enjoy Channel 4's Alternative Election Night; although I may go and cook some sausages first. Yum sausages.... yes, definitely going.


  1. The dress looks awesome! I like your hair bow too :)

  2. I just had to click on your post - Shopping and sausages ;)Though a piggy lover, and not a sausage nibber, it tempted me some how.

    I love the dress, such a find! uber cute. I managed to get a skirt in the Top Shop sale, the dress is much prettier. I thought the skirt fabric was exclusive, it has bobbins of thread and sewing theme goodies. I spotted the fabric on etsy a little while ago.

    I love the shoes - <3 red shoes.
    Hope you've had a fab weekend :)

  3. Sweet dress, the tights are awesome as well. You always look so put together in your outfit posts.


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