Saturday, 29 May 2010

"So I proceeded to get drunk and cry,and lock myself in the toilet for the entire night... "

I apologise for my lack of posting the last week or so. After going blogging crazy when I finished my exams, I just haven't had any terribly exciting outfits the last week or so, what with the very hot weather and the fact I need to do some washing. I also think that generally I'll have less outfit posts to do in the summer, since my summer wardrobe is somewhat limited and I think you'll all get terribly bored of the same things coming round and round again, like some horrible demented carousel. So, I am going to try and do some posts on stuff I've been planning for a while, and just some more general stuff, less me whittering on about my clothes.

So, in the spirit of this, the other night I was doing the washing up and was listening to the new Kate Nash album. (I know this seems like an odd place to start from, but trust me, it will become apparent in a minute). I had a huge pile of washing up to do and wasn't terribly happy about it, but dancing around to Kate's whimsical musings put me in such a happy mood it was a bit silly. I love how her music is not mind shatteringly deep but instead is more a collection of random thoughts and pictures from her day. I always think that her songs are the kind of thing I think when I'm walking along by myself, having a bit of wander in my mind over whatever, and looking at all the strange little things that happen in everyday life. I like how she captures those little moments of everyday wonder. Her lyrics also just make me laugh when I recognise a bit of myself in them. Anyway, I'll stop going on about how much I love her music and talk about her STYLE, what with this primarily being a blog about clothes, although I hope it's a little more than that.

I've always really liked her style as well as her music, and I must admit, the clothes orientated thing that I am, her style probably had an integral role in my liking her music as well. Her style isn't terribly clever or complicated, just a collection of some of the nicest vintage dresses I've ever seen. I'm so jealous of people who have access to loads of vintage shops. If I could get more vintage,I would, but there just aren't the shops around where I live. So instead I do charity shopping and hope I stumble across something vaguely old. Anyway, look at these beauties-

Ok, so that doesn't look terribly vintage, but I love the lilac and the lace and the bow shoes.

I also love her use of coloured tights. Random thing I just noticed- my sister has that amp!

Could look frumpy but looks unbelievably cool on her... *sighs*


I know this isn't vintage, because I know it's Vivien of Holloway. But anyway, what a great photo.

And finally, a tutu as a skirt???!! My friend Kathy's been doing this for a while as well, and now I have a tutu/petticoat I think I'm going to have to try it, it just looks too unbelievably cool.

I also haven't yet mentioned how I think she has the most PERFECT hair. It's just so perfectly scruffy and dishevelled and swingy. That is the hair I want really, but unfortunately, I appear to not have been blessed with it. Kate shall have to continue waving my perfect barnet around. I don't begrudge her it though.
And now I feel the need to go get up and dance around to Kiss That Girl as I get ready. It's a wonderful life.


  1. lol i love you hattie. and your beauttifully quaint and funny but very homophilic crush rants :) be afraid grant, be very afraid. oh my gosh i love that tutu!!! and WHY would you post a picture of that dress??!! i really regret not buying it for the ball! i want it so bad. if i get a job is the summer, its coming to momma!!!my favorite lyrics are the mouthwash ones, its just like this is me, yes, there is nothing remarkable here, but it is stunning and stop-and-stare worthy all the same. FREEDOM TOMORROWxxx

  2. I'm loving your blog; it's so dreamy and cute and sweet and and... ; w ;
    I will dfinetely come back!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~


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