Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ugly Betty

Vintage waistcoat, Dorothy Perkins shirt, M&S skirt and tights, New Look boots, necklace was a gift
So, yet more hidden items from the depths of my wardrobe. Opinion remains divided on this knitted waistcoat that I got from a crazy vintage shop in Totnes. I bought it at the time because I loved it for it's damn ugliness, but other people have not been so kind. Grant and my mum and sister both think it's bloody awful. However, I thought you my internet buddies might appreciate it; there seems to be a bit of tacky sweater collective going on in my blog roll. The few times I have worn this since I bought it I'd styled it up proper Ugly Betty stylee- with a purple wool pleated skirt, a chiffon scarf and my glasses. But I thought I'd try something a bit different today and try to make it look a bit more modern with the skirt and boots. I think it would look better with some kind of tee shirt but none of mine seemed right so it had to go over this shirt. I was contemplating cranking up the 70s hippie vibe by teaming it with my bleached denim skirt but thought you'd seen that skirt a lot recently, and this might be a more modern way to wear it. Sorry about my photos not being terribly detailed; I shall try and endeavour to get myself up to campus soon so Kathy can take my photos, and because I've got a sod load of revision and essay work to do the next couple of weeks and I need to shut myself in the library really. Also, very exciting news, I had the best charity shop haul of my life earlier- I got two shirts, two tee shirts, a cardigan, a dress, a belt and a Mickey Mouse brooch- which all came to about £30- which was perhaps not the best idea since I'm a little skint at the moment. But you know, you can't leave things in a charity shop else they'll be gone when you next go in. And, to be fair, it was £30 that went to Oxfam, Barnados and Cancer Research UK, so it's all good. I didn't mean to end up buying so much but I just kept finding fantastic things and it helped alleviate my pre menstrual bitch syndrome no end. The dress I found was a Laura Lees one that I know sell in Topshop for about £50- and I got it for £6! Ah, so excited about showing these new bits off. Speaking of that though, I should go and pop them in the washing machine so I can get the gladrags on tomorrow!


  1. Holy crap, that vest is RAD.



    Oh what fond memories ^__^ FYI I cannot do up that gorgeous dress AND breathe, so will either have to find someone lovely to let it out for me or cast it aside :'( Very sad times. Anyway my love, adoring the blog as always - I cannot believe the things you find in charity shops! Humph. I swear there aren't any in Birmingham, I will have to venture further afield. Much love always xxx


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