Monday, 10 May 2010

"You look like a sausage wrapped in tin foil...."

TK Maxx tee shirt, French Connection skirt, H&M cardigan, ASOS tights, Melissa shoes, Amelie Blaise ring
As I predicted, I should be reading about Foucault, but am in fact posting. Oh well, I'll try and keep the procrastination brief! This silver skirt is another very old buy, although I do wear it a lot, so perhaps it's not really a forgotten item but more just one I've forgotten to show you. I'd seen it in an issue of Vogue but put it to the back of my mind because of it's £95 price tag; imagine how pleased I was when I went into a fancy boutique with my mum and found it reduced to £28! I think it was £28, it was such a long time ago now I can't quite remember. But muchos bargainos anyway. It's pretty handy for throwing on with things since it's fairly neutral if somewhat sparkly! I got these tights from ASOS a while ago but hadn't show them to you yet either. Despite being beautiful, they're not terribly comfy since unlike my trusty M&S tights, they haven't got much in the way of elastic and I am in fact wearing a pair of knickers over them to hold them up. I know, I am the sexiest thing ever. I also don't wear these shoes often; I'm not sure why because they're fricking awesome. I saw them on the Topshop website and had to buy them, what with the Tinkerbell fabulousness. The ring is the one I recently bought on the ferry. It cost £25 but I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it, and at that point my student loan payment was imminent so I just damn bought it. I did paint my nails specially to match! Oh dear. Right, back to Foucault and Agamben; ah, life as a Politics student is so thrilling...

And yes, one of my friends did say that to me when wearing this skirt.


  1. as i have said, i love the mauve/turquoise co-ordination today. may tinkerbells reign be long and illustrious :) xxx

  2. Psh, your friend is crazy.
    I think the skirt looks really nice on you! I love the Tinker-bell shoes too <3

  3. Babycakes check this:

    It comes in white as well... I'm not sure where this stands on the classy/trashy divide so thought I'd link anyway :)

  4. Duuuude, that skirt is badass. Sausage ahoy!

  5. Dig the ring. And my bf thinks that all stockings are sausages. If I don't change out of my work clothes right away, he's all, aren't you going to get out of your sausage?!

  6. I truely love every aspect about this outfit. Everything is so different but it all works out somehow. I think the shoes are my favourite part.


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