Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A cloggy Miss Minchin? I hope not...

M&S lace top, Warehouse stripey tee shirt, Only skirt (from France), Clarks clogs, Dorothy Perkins watch necklace

I'm sorry everyone, we're back home and back to my crappy windowsill shots. I shall try and get myself a tripod soon so I can get some half decent photos. These are really not good enough. Now, onto the outfit. These clogs were ones I bought several years ago in an attempt to find the long elusive perfect sandals. I didn't end up wearing them very much and they've been sat somewhat abandoned in my shoe draw for quite some time now. How pleased was I then when clogs came back into fashion! I don't normally pay too much attention to following trends and just wear whatever I fancy, but seeing as I'd got these tucked away I thought I'd dust them off and let them have a little outing. I realise they're not the trendiest of clogs since most of the new ones are modelled on those Chanel beauties and therefore have a wooden heel rather than a wedge. But screw it, I wasn't going to buy a new pair! However, I found a rather large problem with wearing them with tights; they kept slipping off when I tried to walk! But I found some grippy insoles to pop in and then they were fine.
I'm not sure why exactly I wanted to wear the clogs with this outfit. I just got it into my head somewhat whilst I was in the shower and the outfit wouldn't budge from my mind. I really like this lace top but don't wear it very often due to the fact it makes me look a little like a Victorian matron. Or Miss Minchin, which is not a good association. But I really like the pleats and ruffle detailing, although obviously the lace sleeves are my favourite part. I like layering them over this stripey tee shirt because I like the way the patterns overlap. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to wear my new necklace watch again. Anyway, I'll stop whittering on. Tell me what you think of my efforts with the clogs. I'll be dressing up in something ridiculous tomorrow for the What Katie Wore challenge so hopefully some interesting photos for you all. Well, just perhaps more interesting than these!!

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