Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"I wanna do bad things with you..."

New Look dress and H&M cardigan via charity shops, charity shop belt, Melissa shoes via Topshop, Topshop bag, Pilgrim earrings, charity shop brooch

I didn't intend to dress mostly in charity shop today, it just happened like that somewhat. It's been another really hot day today in Aberystwyth and I finally got around to washing this sundress I got from Barnados last week. I had an urge to wear a girly sundress rather than a shirt and denim skirt; I think it's because I've been devouring the second series of True Blood and wanted to inject a little bit of Sookie Stackhouse style. Although I'm wearing black, which is not very Sookie, I think you can sort of see the inspiration. Just simple girly clothes for the hot weather. I particularly love Sookie's outfit in the top picture; that yellow cardigan was just to die for. I was quite, quite jealous when watching. I absolutely love this cardigan; I remember seeing it in H&M but I think I was out of a job at the time and so deemed it to be an irresponsible purchase, since you may have realised I own enough cardigans to clothe the 5000. I'm thinking about embroidering this dress since at the moment it's just a very simple black dress. I bought Jenny Hart's 'Embroidered Effects' a while ago and have been meaning to get around to adorning something with irreverent stitches, and this dress seems like the perfect thing. I'm going to go now because I could witter on forever, but Grant has now found out he has to leave uni a day early, and I have packing to do myself. I shall show you the pictures of my room soon since they require a whole post by themselves. Let's just say I sorted out my clothes for washing and realised I owned an insane amount of stuff that I probably don't need. Donations to my friends Kathy and Ruth shall be taking place shortly. But I'll get that post done at the weekend. Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine and to all those students out there, hope you're enjoying your freedom; or the other option, that your revision is going well. I'm going to go and attempt to sort through a year's worth of Grazias. Oh dear.


  1. Aw lovely photos! Liking your blog loads by the way! xxxxxx

  2. Love your shoes and bag!! super cute! :) x

  3. "Donations to my friends Kathy and Ruth" ~ What about meeeeeeee? I am surely the most in need of showering in fashionable loveliness :'(


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