Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A post which should have been taken in a meadow.

M&S tee shirt, Laura Ashley skirt, Tu (at Sainsburys!!) cardi, Carvela shoes, Accessorize necklace, vintage earrings

Firstly, please forgive me for my really weird feet. Damn my father and his ridiculously long toes which I have had the misfortune of inheriting. I almost didn't put this picture up because I didn't want you to all think I'm some kind of weird foot mutant, but then I got a grip on myself and posted it anyway, regardless of my vanity. This skirt is one of my favourite summer pieces. It always makes me feel nice and relaxed and pretty. The sensation of all that material swishing around is really nice, and it's good to have something where you don't have to bother shaving your legs! I normally just pair it with a white tee shirt since I think it's so vibrant by itself it doesn't need much else with it. Although saying that, the multitude of colours did make finding a cardigan to wear very easy.
I still can't decide whether these shoes are good or not. The annoying thing is, they're so close to being perfect it's a bit ridiculous. They are really comfy apart from one very important factor- THEY DIDN'T PUT ANY KIND OF PADDING IN THE INSOLE. The insole is completely flat and shiny. This means, despite the fact the heel height is quite comfy because of the platform, after wearing them for a day the soles of your feet are sore and the blisters are a-forming. I cannot understand why Carvela didn't put any kind of insole padding in them. For a £95 pair of shoes (although I didn't pay that for them), I'm sorry, I expect some kind of foot upholstery. And it's not like there appears to be a huge amount of craftsmanship or material that would warrant the £95 price tag either. Ah well. I've been wearing them with some gel insole thingys and they've been making it somewhat easier.
I'm going to shut up whinging about the shoes now because I have something far more exciting to talk about. You know the Suzuki Challenge I mentioned a few posts back? Kathy and I won a pair of tickets! So, on Friday we shall be heading to the Clothes Show in London, and shall hopefully be meeting Katie and Joe of What Katie Wore fame, since they should be there with Suzuki. We're beyond excited. WKW was one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place; to meet them would be like meeting my blogging heroes. Kathy and I are hoping we can contain our excitement and not look too much like crazy obsessed stalkers. It's proving somewhat of a nightmare to organise getting up there and is costing me money I don't really have, but it's a really fantastic opportunity and should be so much fun. I just have to be careful not to spend too much (which means any really) money! I found a 50s style shirt dress in Oxfam today which I might wear to go but I'm not sure yet. I may enlist your help to advise me on an outfit tomorrow. Saying that, I should really get to bed since there's a lot of stuff to get done tomorrow. Night everyone.
PS. But looking at these photos, I realise this skirt really belongs in a photo taken out in a meadow somewhere, most preferably in a Clothes Horse setting.


  1. I love your shoes! Shame that they're painful, it's always the way :(


  2. I have just pop in to see your blog and I like it. I do love skirts, so I will follow you. Have a look at mine if you are curious. it is in Spanish ans English.
    Sacramento from south Spain


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