Monday, 21 June 2010

Off with his head!

Only tee shirt (from France), H&M cardi, Gestuz skirt, M&S tights, Office shoes

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. After going to see Grant last weekend, I then this weekend went 'up North' (to Manchester and Sheffield) with my mum and sister so she could have a look at universities. I'd been taking photos last week but had somehow forgotten that I had. I'd completely forgotten I'd even worn this outfit. Oh dear. The heat and lack of structure to my days is obviously wearing down on my brain. I've therefore got a couple of outfits to show you, but shall break them up into separate posts because it's just much easier to write them like that, and it looks a lot better layout wise.

So, here is a tee shirt that I've been meaning to show you for absolutely ages, since I bought it at Easter. I know I had worn it at some point with the intention of taking photos and then somehow just didn't get around to it. As you can see, the Alice in Wonderland obsession shows no sign of abating, although I thought this was quite toned down in comparison to some of my other Alice outfits! It's not a terribly flattering tee shirt, something about the fit isn't quite right, but whatever, it's got the Queen of Hearts on it, I don't care. I also wore it with the heart earrings from this post. I wasn't sure whether to wear red tights and black shoes, or black tights and red shoes, but then thought if I wore black there would be far too much grey and black in the outfit. I can't really think of anything else to say now. Onto the next outfit post!!


  1. Awww lovely red outfit and i like your top :) xxxxxxx

  2. I maaay be in love with that t-shirt ^^ xXx


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