Sunday, 6 June 2010

A post in which I wished men didn't pee outside...

H&M tee shirt, M&S skirt, Dorothy Perkins trainers

I'd completely forgotten Kathy and I had even taken these photos. On a very very hot day a few weeks back, we decided to adventure into Aberystwyth's castle, just outside my house, for a photo shoot of sorts. Well as close as you get with fairly bog standard cameras and not the most photogenic of models! Anyway, I thought it was high time I showed you one of the prettiest parts of Aberystwyth. I apologise for the fact my eyes are somewhat half shut in all the photos; as I think you can tell, it was a very bright day and I was struggling to keep them open without squinting! Also, the slight uncomfortable face in the first photo is due to the fact that the staircase smelt really strongly of pee! Urgh, horrible drunk students defacing the amazing-ness that is the castle.
I've had this skirt for quite a few years now. However, despite really liking the 50s shape and applique detailing, I just couldn't figure out what to wear it with. Then I got my Betty Boop tee shirt and the problem was solved. It probably would have looked better with my hair down but unfortunately it was just too hot, my hair had gone absolutely mental. I'm hoping that this summer with the aid of some of my new pastel things I'll finally be able to give this skirt the outings it deserves.
I'm back at home now and am trying to get myself unpacked. I've also been going through my clothes and discarding those ones which my boobs just simply do not fit into anymore. Hopefully this will free me up to actually wear some summer outfits I like rather than being constantly depressed at my podginess in comparison to this time last year. Oh well. I also managed to find my camera cable whilst packing and so should be able to finally post that outfit from the other day.
On a completely random end note, I never knew Glenn Close could sing until this evening when I found a video of her singing 'As If We Never Said Goodbye'... Cruella De Vil has many more talents than I gave her credit for.

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  1. i like your skirt. urgh i hate it when you can smell pee. multi story car parks are the worse ewww


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