Tuesday, 15 June 2010

One student in search of a job...

Topshop dress and scarf, M&S tee shirt, H&M belt, Dr Martens shoes

Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been away at Grant's for a couple of days and so did not have access to my laptop. This is the scarf that I bought the other day from Topshop; they have both a skirt and dress in the same print, but my current state of finances meant I could only afford to buy the scarf. I'm currently trying to find myself a job to keep myself busy in the huge 3 month summer holiday, and just to get myself a bit of money. However, it's not going very well and I am feeling somewhat dejected. I want to get myself some driving lessons but am unable to do so until I get some income. I also just want a bit of Independence and just something to do. Because lovely as a three month holiday is, without any money you can't exactly do a lot with the time you have! Is anybody else out there currently seeking employment and struggling to find a job? To be fair, I've only handed out 15 CVs, I could be doing a lot more. Fingers crossed something will come along. In the mean time, I've got a load of sewing projects lined up to keep me busy. Shall hopefully have something to show you soon. I'm going to go and continue to tidy up my room in the never ending process of unpacking. I'm taking so long in an attempt to keep things more organised throughout the summer, but not sure if that's how my mum sees it!
Ooh, one other thing, it would be great if you could vote for me over at the Suzuki Challenge at What Katie Wore- just leave a comment if you like my outfit! Thanks!

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  1. this dress makes you look very slim! i like it! if there was ever a baby, its is officially aborted. hope you had fun with granty, miss you insanely xxx


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