Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Childhood Reunion

Topshop dress, Dorothy Perkins shirt, really old vest from Tesco, M&S tights, Office shoes, Polly Pocket necklace off Ebay, Accessorize earrings

I don't know if any of you remember me mentioning how there was a dress of the scarf I wore in this post, but it was beyond my budget at that point? Well, upon seeing a sale sign plastered upon Topshop's window, I decided to venture in to see whether I had been lucky enough to have been left with said dress in required size. Unfortunately, they didn't have it in a 12; however, they did have a 10, and I thought it would at least be worth a little trip to the changing rooms, even if chances of it fitting me were slim. I also picked up the skirt in a size 12 and 14 to try on, picking up the 14 since Topshop skirts tend to be insanely short and I thought if it sat a little lower, it would in turn be a little longer. However, the skirt was a complete no go; even with a size 14, the 'waist'band still sat at a funny angle across my tummy and it was still far too short. I know I have quite a lot of quite short stuff, but I've had one of the Topshop chiffon numbers before and they are not comfortable to wear. They tend to slide around and also up, so you have to be constantly readjusting and tugging, which is frankly just embarrassing and a pain in the arse after a while. So, the dress was the only way of obtaining any more of this beautiful print to have in my wardrobe. When I first put it on I was surprised at how spacious it was; even with a 10 and a push up bra on, there was still a bit of wriggle room across the chest area. However, one thing I had unfortunately not noticed beforehand was that the whole chest area was COMPLETELY SHEER. And I understand the whole underwear as outerwear thing, but just to have your bra on show through a dress? I don't understand Topshop, someone please explain! The dress also had a 'lining', apparently to protect your modesty, but the problem was this was pretty sheer too and my black knickers were pretty damn obvious. But, despite all these things, I still came away with the dress swinging in a Topshop bag from my arm. I just couldn't leave the beautiful fabric; despite the many styling challenges the dress seemed to pose, I felt they could be overcome for that lovely print. The sheer top half could be solved by layering a vest underneath, and my mum and I simultaneously had the thought that it would look good with a denim shirt layered over it. So we popped into Dorothy Perkins where I remembered seeing a shirt in the sale, and the outfit was complete.
I have a feeling however that there are several of you out there who have been thinking this whole time, 'Stop wittering on about the dress, tell us about the fricking Polly Pocket necklace!' Yes everyone, I bought a Polly Pocket necklace off Ebay that I had as a child. I am that cool. I just saw it and immediately knew I was going to have to buy it. It makes me happy that I have been reacquainted with one of my favourite necklaces from my childhood. I had to put it on a new chain though to make it longer so it didn't look so childish. And yes, I am fully aware of the hypocrisy of that last statement, but let me be contradictory. The kitsch needs to be a little toned down sometimes.
I really loved wearing this outfit; the dress was actually very comfy, and nice and swishy on rather a warm day (it was too hot for tights really, but I'm a silly bugger). I must say though, silly as this sounds, I didn't like looking so 'on trend'. What with the pastels and the bleached denim, I did feel a little too trend conscious for my own good. Much as I don't want to look like an alien from a strange planet, I don't like looking like everybody else. But I think the Polly Pocket may have saved me from that, and so that £8.99 was definitely worth it.

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  1. GAH!
    I am super jealous of that necklace, it's perfect! *.*

    Oh and I really like the dress too. You look adorable! ^.^


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