Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Did somebody take a neon highlighter to my clothes?

first outfit- Monsoon Fusion dress, M&S tights, Office shoes, Tatty Devine necklace

second outfit- H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams dress, M&S coat, tights and scarf, Dr Marten boots

I THINK I MAY HAVE FOUND MY PERFECT DRESS.... you see that one in the top photo there?? Whilst having a gentle flick through the Monsoon sale rails with my sister I stumbled across this frock. I picked it up, gave it the once over, deemed it to be a nice dress with those all-important sleeves and therefore worth a try on, despite the fact it still cost £35. I also took in this apple green number with pink apples printed all over it. I decide to try the black one on first, due to the fact it's a 12 whereas the green one was a (slightly too big for me but worth trying in a sale) 14. After muchos fiddling about with slips getting stuck on my head and me being lost and confused inside the garment, my head finally finds the correct way out and the dress is on.


What before looked like a nice but fairly ordinary dress suddenly becomes the tea dress I have been searching for all these years. Hell, not the tea dress, THE dress. I understand that some of you may not be able to see this magic. But I just put it on and it felt so perfect. It fitted me so well, made my waist look small, boobs covered just the right amount, nice lace and ruffley details, swishy skirt with enough fabric to skim over my hips but not so much it makes me look podgy, DID I MENTION THE BIRD CAGE PRINT..... Oh, how I love it so.


There was to be an obstacle preventing our love.

When I went to take off the dress in the changing room, I discovered a slight problem- I couldn't actually get the dress off over my head. It would get to the tops of my shoulders and that podgy bit on my arms, and then promptly WOULD NOT BUDGE. There was no wiggling, no breathing in or gymnastics I could do to get it off. It was well and truly stuck.

So, I wriggle back into it and call my sister into the changing room to help me get it off, and with her help we succeed. Now, I admit at this point I think perhaps it was just my being a bit tired and flustered that meant I couldn't get the dress off; anyway, I don't think it's an actual problem and head off with the dress. However, after a late night trying on session (I have this habit of trying stuff on I've bought just before I go to sleep if I'm particularly pleased with a purchase) and the subsequent waking up of Ellie to help me get it off I realise that this is more serious than I realised.

So, a decision had to be made.... to take the dress back or attempt alterations??

My mum and I have a nosey at the dress and decide that an alteration may be possible under the arm. The dress has a side zip that goes to just under the arm in the armpit area. We unpick the rest of the seam so the sleeve is open and I neaten up the edges with a few tiny elf stitches. I then stitch an inch long piece of elastic from the one side to the other, so there's a little triangle of open dress with elastic at the end holding the sleeve together. It looks a little strange, but since it's under my arm nobody can see, and it allows me to get the dress off with relative ease!

I realise now perhaps that was the most boring thing I've ever written on here. Oh well, I don't care... alteration win!!!

Other dress is a Henry Holland one I picked up the other day for £15 in a sale; I love the floral neon print and the fact it looks so good with my patent Dr Martens, which I wore despite it being July because it was a horrible cold rainy day and I wanted to keep my feet dry!

The duffel coat is one I got in a M&S outlet for £19. It's a 14, and so a little on the large side, but at that price I couldn't leave it. I've got a bit of an obsession with duffel coats and what with this one's fabulous colour and toggle flap details, I had to buy it. It's strange, I feel so well prepared for the Aberystwyth rain and wind come September when I return! (note- THE COAT HAS A HOOD- I have been on the search for a nice coat with a hood for I think MY ENTIRE LIFE)

Right, I'll shut up now and just publish this because it's far too long already.

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  1. Love. love that pink dress, and the brids, wow the birds!!!


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