Monday, 19 July 2010

Fiddly florals

first outfit- H&M dress, tee shirt and necklace, Bertie shoes

second outfit- dress and necklace as before, Monsoon cardigan, House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights, Melissa shoes

I had seen this dress in H&M quite a while ago but had deemed it to be too expensive at the time for what would be a fairly fiddly piece to style. When it gets to the summer, if something has sleeves or is down to the knee, I'll deem it worth my money, since these are rare kinds of dresses to be found on the British high street; however, if they look like they require tights and layering, I'll perhaps leave them to be reduced before I buy them. There was only one of these dresses left in the shop; despite it being a size 16, what with H&M's pretty dodgy sizing, I thought it would be worth a try on. Slightly to my shame, it fitted, and I know I wouldn't have got a 12 on, and the 14 may have been pushing it. Whilst I loved the print and piping detail, I was slightly concerned by the fit; despite it being (apparently) two sizes too big it was still on the somewhat stretchy clingy side. But I bought it, thinking I could ask my wise mother for her opinion when I got home. With mum's encouragement and a pair of my sexy-as tummy control pants on, I decided to keep it. I styled it by picking out the colours in the print, which I have realised is my usual method of colour co-ordinating outfits. I think I preferred wearing the cardigan over the tee shirt because I felt a little more covered up; but I definitely prefer the purple tights and blue shoes with the dress. What do you all think?


  1. The dress is lovely and to make you feel better a H&M size 16 is actually a normal 14 if you look at the European size ie 42! I hate H&M for sizing, they don't seem to care for anyone with boobs over a C cup!!! Anywho, both outfits our adorable, I esp like the second one =)

  2. I actually love both versions. Those blue shoes are gorgeous *.*

  3. Hello, love the blog but I swear to God if you mention your 'tummy control pants' one more time I will not hesistate to boycott it. And even remove the link from my book of face page O_o I read your blog for the glamour darling, GLAMOUR! Humph. In other news, the floral dress is rather divine, though feel must ask what happened to the NO CLOTHES BUYING rule? :P Dear me.

  4. I am now in Berlin and for some reason My blog din´t up dated your new posts.But now wea re back on track.
    Are you going to enter my mix and match Autumn outfit giveaway vintage???


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