Thursday, 15 July 2010

Follow the yellow brick road...

H&M shirt dress, shoes via charity shop (they're apparently Fiore Collection which I think is Matalan!), Topshop belt, Tatty Devine necklace

Dorothy Perkins tee shirt, H&M waistcoat, Only skirt, ASOS tights, H&M braces and necklace,
shoes as before

These sunshine shoes are my latest charity shop find. They were sat in Oxfam's window calling out to me. I wasn't sure what I'd wear them with but knew that they were just too funky to leave. Surprisingly, considering I have none of this mustard colour in my wardrobe, I've found quite a few things to wear them with. The first outfit is inspired by a colour combination found in a Trinny and Susannah book. I went through a period when around 15 of being quite obsessed with them and their 'What You Wear Can Change Your Life' book . It contains a great section where they give you colour combinations for every colour in the rainbow in an attempt to drag people out of the rut of teaming all colour with black. Despite always dressing a little like a kids TV presenter, I found this advice invaluable. So, kudos to Trinny and Susannah for being awesome. Anyway, that little tangent aside, there was a colour combination of teal, purple and mustard in there that has always stuck in my mind as a really nice combination. However, not having any mustard items, I couldn't exactly put this together; but upon buying the shoes, this was the first thing that popped into my head. I therefore paired them with this H&M shirt dress and teal tights. This belt is also one of my sister's that I usually nick when I'm wearing this dress. I like having the chunky belt (that should go with jeans) over the oversized shirt.

Second outfit was my attempt at weaning braces. I had worn them with the same skirt and a red checked shirt the day before but then I got soaked in the rain on the way to the bus station and outfit was no good to show you. So, I put this on yesterday in an attmept at wearing them again. I'm not sure how well this worked really. I think I may have far too many elements going on in one outfit really, what with the tights and waistcoat and braces. But, I did really enjoy wearing the tights with the new shoes. I picked up this apple necklace for £3 in H&M the other day.

I think I've mentioned how I'd started volunteering at the St Lukes Hospice charity shop in my local town. I've only been in a couple of times so far but am gradually working my way through some of the stock upstairs at the instruction of my boss, sorting out the crap from the sell-able! Anyway, I wanted to mention it again because I have this great boss Sue, and she very kindly brought in for me this pink and navy patterned silk vintage jacket that she didn't wear anymore. I am very excited about wearing it, and just wanted to tell you the news and attempt to build some sort of anticipation, rather than you alljust wondering what crazy combination I'm next going to throw together when I've run out of black tights. But I shall save photos for a post all of it's own, it deserves it. Although, speaking of St Lukes, I popped in for a few hours today when wearing the yellow shoes and found that perhaps they're not the most suitable thing to wear when I'm going there- they have a very rickety narrow staircase and I made a formidable clunking noise as I attempted to get down the steps without falling over my own feet! ( I have a terrible habit of falling up OR down stairs since I tend to run very fast on them. Hence my caution in combination of shoes + narrow staircase + my massive feet that don't tend to fit on steps anyway).

Ooh, and yes people, that IS a new sewing machine sat in the background! I am currently in the process of tidying and clearing my room ready for it to take it's rightful place on my desk. I may post some photos of the nice organised space when I'm done just so I have some proof it was tidy at one point or another!

I think I might finish all posts with 'Ta ta for now, cocoa calls'.


  1. Love the shoes and Charity shops.You are so lucky to be able to just pop in in one...And work in one, well out of this world. You can see all the goodies coming.
    Have you try the shoes with grey. Yellow goes very well with this colour.
    Love your blog

  2. I don't think I need to be dragged out of wearing black :)
    I absolutely adore those floral tights (that's actually one floral thing I don't own, how did that happen?) but the shoes go so well with both pairs- what a great find!
    Charity shops throw up amazing things sometimes. People should learn to stop sending in crap for people like you to sort out though!!
    I really want to volunteer for a charity shop but all the ones in my town seem to like blasting out music which isn't good for my migraine just passing through, so it's a shame as I'd love to help. I have a feeling I'd keep being tempted by anything nice that came through!

    Florrie x

  3. Hi, do you want to sell me the apple necklace?please let me know,I'm not able to fin it anywhere!
    Thank you


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